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What a Jtag is and if your Xbox is Jtagable

Tutorial Name: What a Jtag is and if your Xbox is Jtagable  

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What is the JTAG Modification?

A JTAG modification is done to the 360 motherboard, this modification allows you to play backup copies of games off a usb harddrive or even the 360's own harddrive. When you play games off of a harddrive to you no longer need the original game disc, instead you can keep them safe and unused for re-sale . This modification cannot be taken online with getting banned.

How is this different from the normal Flash mods that have been out for years?

The Normal Flash Mod is a modification that is done only to the xbox 360 DVD or Optical Drive. This modification is when you flash the optical drive with new firmware so that it no longer knows the difference between a real game and a backup game. A JTAG can do this to but can also run exciting home brew applications like emulators (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Etc, Etc) and it allows you to play the game off a harddive without ever needing the game disc at all.

Which consoles Can Be Jtaged?

JTag modification can only be done on consoles that are a little older and that have the 7371 dashboard. You have to look at your console settings to see if you meet this requirement for JTAGING your console. Most consoles cannot be jtaged because they have been played in the last year, which means they took a update that will not allow them to be modified in this manner.

You console had to meet 2 criteria to be able to JTAG it:

A: HAS to have a manufacture date before June 18 2009
B: Dashboard HAS to be 7371 or Lower

To determine the manufacture date is easy, simply look at the back of your console, it will have that date stamped on the back of it.

To Determine the dashboard version you hook it to a TV and select the following:
Turn on your Xbox and go to console settings.
Go to system info, the kernel version is on top right.
it will look something like 2.0.12416.0
The 12416 is the part you look at, if that number is higher than 7371 you cannot JTAG

What are the different Names people use for the Jtags like Xenon or Jasper?

There are 5 generations of Xbox 360, as Microsoft was trying to build a better console that would not give hte4 RROD they changed the design a total of 5 times for the Fat style console. The New consoles that have are being sold today in stores new are called the slim consoles and they of course cannot be Jtaged.
The Fat style consoles are names as such : Xenon, Opus, Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper.

The Xenon is the first gen console that Microsoft, it was launched November 2005, had no HDMI, it is popular with People running Modded lobbies online because it is the Easiest to change the Keyvault or KV on.

The Zephyr launched July 2007 it has a HDMI, can be a little tricky to Jtag, and not is easy for KV swaps

Falcon Launched September 2007, it has HDMI, can be tricky to swap KVs

Opus Launched June 2008, it has no HDMI and is tricky to swap KVs

Jasper, Launched September 2008, had HDMI and is tricky o swap KVs out on but is HIGHLY sought after because it is a console that rarely if ever Experiences the RROD. It is also very difficult to find one that meets the criteria to JTAG it. Excellent console to Jtag if you can find it.

Whats a KV or Keyvault?

That is a file that is embedded inside the Xbox 360 Firmware, it contains a few key pieces of information, but most importantly it contains the consoles identification. Each console has a unique identification contained inside the KV. So generally when a modder modifies a console they Take a copy of its KV and sell it. The purchase of this unique KV can then program up to 5 consoles with this file and get them online to offer up modded lobbies. As Microsoft is constantly trying to ban consoles that are JTAGED online the length of time you can be online with a a fresh KV greatly varies from 10 minutes to 5 hours.
To put a fresh KV into your Jtaged consoles check out tutorials section but know that the Xenon consoles are the EASIEST to do this to.

What are modded lobbies?

Jtag consoles let you run modified versions of games. So people modify games like Modern Warfare so that they can create games and then their friends/customers can join them and get all ranked up and unlock all weapons nad things like this in a matter of minutes. There were a lot people offering this service for money in 2010. The scene is constantly changing however as Microsoft is trying to stop this sort of thing.

So can I take my JTAG online?

If you have a fresh KV inside your console then yes, you can for a time from 2 minutes to 5 hours. Your times will vary. After that the console or the KV inside the console is banned forever. So until you program your JTAG with a fresh KV it cannot go online again.

We hope this little Q and A clears up what a JTAG is.


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does it work with my limited edition gears of war xbox? idk anything about my system except its old. it was a promotion for gears of war 3 which was made in 2011. so its pretty old.


very nice tutorial i learnt a few things that i din't know before thanks alot :)


I have about 4 rgh systems and I can say reading this post I learned a few things this was useful


Very nice tutorial with allot of information in it, keep it up mate.


My xbox is pretty old, will need to check the date, to see if it is jtaggable.


This actually saved me a lot of effort in the past. I was thinking of JTAGing my Xbox in the past but realized that mine wasn't compatible.


Thank you :D


This is no longer that useful do to the Reset Glitch. it is good for those people who dont want to bring a modded xbox online or dont want the 15 second boot time.


This tutorial is pretty useful for people, there just started jtagging ;)



This is a great extremely infromational post! Thank u so much!