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Goat Simulator Goat from above

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Goat from above  

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Goat from above

Hit 5 zombies in one bullet dive

Zombies only appear in \'GoatZ - After Outbreak.\'

You first need to unlock the \'Prototype Goat\' mutator and to do that you need to have unlocked the \'Paraglider\' mutator first. Refer to "Hang tight" for more information about that.

Make your way to the grey skyscraper and enter the elevator in the lobby. You will automatically teleport to the roof. Facing the elevator, to the right is the gold skyscraper. Walk to the edge and jump off, deploy your parachute by pressing and glide over to the rooftop of the gold skyscraper. On this rooftop is an electrified table surrounded by generators. Jump on it and you will be endowed with the \'Prototype Goat\' mutator.

Back on the ground, you need to gather five zombies around each other. This can be tricky as they don\'t always follow you where you want to go. There is a good amount in the mall, around the barbecue/picnic area, in both studios and near the podium outside the gold skyscraper.

Once you have five zombies close together, jump up and hold . This will cause an electrical field to appear around you. Release the button and when you land, any zombie around you will be shocked. This might take a few tries as there might not be a zombie within the radius of the shock. Keep trying until this unlocks.


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