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Goat Simulator Look at it go!

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Look at it go!  

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Look at it go!

Hit 4 at once with a voodoo bomb

This can be completed in either \'GoatZ - Before Outbreak\' or \'GoatZ - After Outbreak.\' This does not have to be done on zombies; it can be done on uninfected people as well.

The first thing you need to do is unlock the \'Voodoo Goat\' mutator. Refer to "Masterchef" for more information about that.

Once you have that unlocked, you need to find a group of four or more people close together. A good place is around the giant concrete hole you jumped into to teleport to the island to unlock this mutator. Position yourself so it appears that everyone is close together and press to shoot your voodoo bomb. It\'s best to aim the bomb in the middle of the people as it has a wide radius. If someone is affected by it, purple smoke will shoot from their head. As long as it affects four or more people, the achievement will unlock. If not, try a different location or try to gather four zombies together.

Another good location is behind the fortune teller\'s tent. In that location there are four people standing guard around a golden goat statue. Walk up to them and before they have a chance to react to you, press to shoot. Since they are close together, you should be able to hit all four in one shot.

If you are not going for any of the "one game" achievements, you can simply restart your game and all the people will be respawned. Make sure you equip the \'Voodoo Goat\' mutator.


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