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Goat Simulator Not Again

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Not Again  

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Not Again

Get deviously trapped again

In Twistram, there is a quest giver standing in the center of the village that goes by the name Dumbledoor the Grey. Speaking with him will set you on a quest to retrieve a Demonic Horn, which is only found in Old Goat Mountain.

Travel south to Old Goat Mountain and as you make your way into the main area, you will see a couple of goats fighting a tall demon. You can either kill the demon yourself or let the other goats kill it. When it\'s dead, it will drop a demon horn named \'DemonMasterLordOfDestructionKiller\'. Press to lick it and make your way back to Twistram (you can press to place it in your inventory chest if you have it active).

When you arrive back in Twistram, step into the green circle and you will give the horn to Dumbledoor, completing your quest. This will automatically open up a blue portal. Jump inside the portal and travel to the next area. The words "IT\'S A TRAP" will appear on the screen and you will be stranded in this new location, unlocking the achievement.

To get back to the "real" world, select \'Restart\' from the menu.


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