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Goat Simulator Music Non Stop

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Music Non Stop  

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Music Non Stop

Jump on the launchpad

Starting at the inn/tavern in Goatshire (the building with the fruit stand out front), walk away from that building and jump over the stream. Walk between the two buildings in front of you and when you pass the building on the left, turn left and walk forward up an incline.

Follow the path up the incline (to your left is a wider stream and a waterfall) and you will come to a clearing. There is a giant tree just across the stream in front of you. Jump over the stream and walk behind the tree (there is a person lying in front of it). You will see a hole in the ground. Walk into this hole and the game will ask you if you want to travel to the next area. Select \'Travel\', the game will load and you will appear bouncing on a keyboard. Rotate around and you will see a giant person dancing. Walk towards that person and you will eventually fall off the desk. The game will load again and you will spawn at the geyser on Glarblargle Beach, unlocking the achievement.


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