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Goat Simulator Mermaid Goat

Tutorial Name: Goat Simulator Mermaid Goat  

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Mermaid Goat

Unlock the mermaid mutator

To unlock this achievement, it is easier to have the \'Inventory\' mutator active.

You first need to "talk" to a person (Ariel) in Goatshire about a quest. This person is located in the inn/tavern in the center of the village. It is the building with the fruit vendor out front. Step into the yellow/orange square to listen to what they have to say. Ariel wants you to bring Miranda the Mermaid back to her. When she finishes talking, it will initiate the quest (you can leave before she finishes talking to get a head start).

From the tavern, walk north through Gold Fields until you come to a path. Take that path west until you cross two bridges. This area is known as Mermaid\'s Tail. After you cross the second bridge, turn south and follow the path to Glarblargle Beach. Before you get to the beach, to the left is a lone mermaid standing around a yellow patch of sand (a geyser). This is Miranda the Mermaid.

You\'re going to want to kill it, so headbutt it until it\'s dead. Then lick it and press to place it inside your inventory chest. Press to confirm that it\'s in there then again to exit. Then you need to return to the inn/tavern in Goatshire and when you walk into the green circle, the words "THE MERMAID - TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL" will appear on the screen, indicating that you\'ve completed the quest which will unlock the achievement.


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