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How To Install Ninjhax 2.0

Tutorial Name: How To Install Ninjhax 2.0  

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---What you'll need---
1) Cubic Ninja Cartridge, Cubic Ninja downloaded from eShop, or a flashcart with Cubic Ninja ROM
2) 3DS between version 4.1.0 & 9.9.0
3) SD Card (Comes with 3DS)
4) Internet connection

Setup a) Download the Homebrew Starter Kit ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ).
Setup b) Extract & place it on the root of your 3DS's SD Card (There should be a '3ds' folder and a 'boot.3dsx' file).
Setup c) Put your SD Card into your 3DS.
1) Put your Cubic Ninja cartridge in your 3DS. If you're running it from eShop, skip this step.
2) Turn on your 3DS.
3) Start Cubic Ninja.
4) Press any button, then hold down L+R+X+Y.
5) Accept any prompts to delete save data
6) Go to 'Create -- QR Code -- Scan'
7) On another device with internet connection, open yoyr browser and type in " [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] "
8) Scroll down and enter your 3DS's information. This can be found in system settings.
9) Generate the QR Code.
10) On your 3DS, align the camera so it can have a good view of the QR code. It may take a while to get it right.
11) Press A to install the exploit when prompted.
12) The menu should load!

To boot into Ninjhax, follow these simple steps:
1) Turn on your 3DS.
2) Load Cubic Ninja.
3) Click 'Create -- QR Code' and Ninjhax should load without anything else needed.


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