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How to enable controller on Call of Duty: Mobile!

Tutorial Name: How to enable controller on Call of Duty: Mobile!  

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Hello guys so I am gonna show you how to enable a controller to call of duty: mobile on IOS and Android. You can user PS4, PS5, Xbox controllers.

Step 1. Make sure you IOS is up to date. or Android is Up to date.

Step 2. Once you do that, Go to settings, Bluetooth and get the controller ready.

Step 3. Once you have the controller and in bluetooth, On the PS5 controller hold down left share button and the PS symbol at the same time for 2-3 seconds long until you see it blinking blue.

Step 4. Once you did that on the bluetooth area you will see Wireless Dualsense controller click that and you should be connected.

Step 5. Once you done that load call of duty mobile, Go to settings and go to controller and see if the device is connect by clicking settings. It will then say connected.

Step 6. Once you are connected go into an online multiplayer, ranked play, and or battle royal. Once you start the game you will be able to start using the controller. Hope you guys enjoy!!! Stay frosty.

You can also do this with a PS4, and Xbox controller. Xbox controller you hold down the connect button by rb and LB. on ps4 you do the same share button and ps symbol button.

Good luck!

here is a video also:

PS5 controller:

Xbox Controller:

PS4 Controller:


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