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How To Block PopUp Ads On Your Android Smartphone

Tutorial Name: How To Block PopUp Ads On Your Android Smartphone  

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When you want to block annoying popup ads on your Android smartphone, use an ad-blocker application like AndGuard Pro, AdBlocker and AdAway. Many ad-blocker applications will automatically block embedded advertisements from Android apps and games from your phone. The best place to get ad-blocker applications is from Android Market. Some ad-blocker applications are free to use, and others charge a fee. And, many of them cost less than $5.00. Select the type of ad-blocker application that you want to use and download the software on your Android smartphone.


Step 1:

Open the Web browser on your Android smartphone. Type the URL address, "market.android.com" in the "Search" text box. Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search button).

Step 2:

Tap on the "Gmail" link located near the top of the page. Use your Gmail account information to log on to Android Market. Enter your username in the "Username" text box. Enter your password in the "Password" text box and tap the "Sign In" button.

Step 3:

Type the keywords "ad blocker" in the "Search" text box on the homepage. Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search button). Browse the list of free ad-blocker applications. Scroll down the page until you see one that will block and prevent popup ads from appearing on your phone.

Step 4:

Tap on the "Install" or "Buy" button next to the name of the ad-blocker application that you want to download on your Android smartphone. If you want to buy an ad-blocker application, you will need to provide your credit card information to make the purchase. Follow the website's instructions for purchasing the ad-blocker application.

Step 5:

Tap the "OK" button and confirm that you want to install the application. Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the ad-blocker application. When the installation is complete, go to the "Application" list and tap the ad-blocker icon to launch the application.

Step 6:

Follow the ad-blocker application instructions on how to use the software to block popup ads. For example, if you're using "Ad Blocker" on your phone, tap on an application icon that you want the ad-blocker application to block popup ads. A popup menu will appear on your display screen. Select the "Block" option to add the application to the Ad Block list. To remove the application from the Ad Block list, tap on the "Unblock" option.

Step 7:

Go to "Menu" and then "Setting" to enable or disable the Ad Blocker service. If you want to disable your Internet connection to prevent popup ads from appearing on your phone, tap the "Home" key and use your finger to press down on an empty area on the Home screen. Select "Add to Home Screen Menu" and then select "Widgets" and "Network Toggle." Tap on the network icon to turn the Internet connection on or off.


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Thanks for this, helped a lot


You're an absolute life saver, thanks a lot


awesome thanks for posting this this helped me allot


Annoying as hell these ads, thanks for sharing!


Mikey God damn hate these ads man, great tutorial mate, you made my life alot easier.

When I had an android ads sucked man. This is a good tutorial. Thank you!