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How To Block Unwanted Calls On An HTC Hero Smartphone

Tutorial Name: How To Block Unwanted Calls On An HTC Hero Smartphone  

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The best way to block unwanted calls on your HTC Hero smartphone is by using third-party call blocking applications that are designed to block calls on your phone. There are various types of call blocking applications for the HTC Hero smartphone on the Web. And, you will have to decide which calling blocking software application you want to use. Be sure to select a call blocking software application with several features, and enables you to choose how you want to block a specific caller.


Step 1:

Click the drop-down menu arrow under "Choose Your Device" and select "HTC" from the menu list. Then select "HTC Hero" for the model type. Keep in mind, the download instructions on various websites that offer HTC Hero calling blocking software can vary. In some cases, you may only need to click the "Download" hyperlink for the call blocking software on the website that you're using.

Step 2:

Click the "Go" button to install the software on your phone. If you have a bar code or QR Code scanner installed on your HTC Hero phone, you can use it to scan the "QR Code for Android," when you see the square image on a call blocking software website.

Step 3:

Click on the bar code scanner application on your HTC Hero phone. Turn on your phone's camera and move your phone over the "QR Code for Android" image that is shown on the website. Your phone will recognize the QR code and automatically start downloading the setup application.

Step 4:

Follow the call blocking application's installation instructions. Click on the "I Agree to the Terms of Agreement" hyperlink. It will take several seconds for the application to finish installing its files on your phone.

Step 5:

Look for the call blocking software application icon on your phone. Click on it to open the application. Determine which feature or profile that you want to use to block a caller.

Step 6:

Select the feature that allows you to block a caller's incoming calls. Depending on the type of call blocking software application that you're using, you can either send the blocked call to your voice mail or automatically disconnect and hang up on the call.


You can also use Android Market (market.android.com) to find call blocking software for your HTC Hero phone. Log in to your Gmail account from your HTC Hero phone and type "call blocking" in the search field. Then press the "Search" button. Determine which type of call blocking software application you want to use, and click on the "Download" button to install the application on your phone. When you're finished, log out of your Gmail account.


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Thanks for the tutorial should definitely come in handy for the people who own this smartphone