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Brave Frontier Achievements (Android)

Tutorial Name: Brave Frontier Achievements (Android)  

Category: Mobile Devices

Submitted By: hoot

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Google Play Achievements:

Amateur : Achieve Rank of Amateur in Arena.
Battle Hardened Training : Level any Unit to Lv35.
Battle Ready! : Complete the tutorial.
Behemoth : Achieve Rank of Behemoth in Arena.
Berserker : Achieve Rank of Berserker in Arena.
Brawler : Achieve Rank of Brawler in Arena.
Champion : Achieve Rank of Champion in Arena.
Cleared Adventurer's Prairie : Clear Adventurer's Prairie.
Cleared Barren Lands of Asekutt : Clear Barren Lands of Asekutt.
Cleared Blood Forest : Clear Blood Forest.
Cleared Breeze Beach : Clear Breeze Beach.
Cleared Cave of Flames : Clear Cave of Flames.
Cleared Cave of Malice : Clear Cave of Malice.
Cleared Destroyed Cathedral : Clear Destroyed Cathedral.
Cleared Egor Snowfield : Clear Egor Snowfield.
Cleared Forest of Beasts : Clear Forest of Beasts.
Cleared Kagan Desert : Clear Kagan Desert.
Cleared Magutagal Wetlands : Clear Magutagal Wetlands.
Cleared Mirza Ruins : Clear Mirza Ruins.
Cleared Monster's Nest : Clear Monster's Nest.
Cleared Mount Craylia : Clear Mount Craylia.
Cleared Mount Wistorea : Clear Mount Wistorea.
Cleared Nocturnal Forest : Clear Nocturnal Forest.
Cleared Secluded Sanctuary : Clear Secluded Sanctuary.
Cleared Shrine of Lystia : Clear Shrine of Lystia.
Cleared St. Lamia Palace : Clear St. Lamia Palace.
Cleared Tower of Mistral : Clear Tower of Mistral.
Cleared Tower of Morgan : Clear Tower of Morgan.
Cleared Volcano Eldent : Clear Volcano Eldent.
Combat-Ready Training : Level any Unit to Lv15.
Commander : Achieve Rank of Commander in Arena.
Contender : Achieve Rank of Contender in Arena.
Crusader : Achieve Rank of Crusader in Arena.
Dragoon : Achieve Rank of Dragoon in Arena.
Dream Team : Build a team of all 5 Star Units.
Duelist : Achieve Rank of Duelist in Arena.
Elite Training : Level any Unit to Lv50.
Epic Promotion : Evolve a 3 Star Unit to 4 Star.
Epic Training : Level any Unit to Lv70.
Expert Promotion : Evolve a 2 Star Unit to 3 Star.
General : Achieve Rank of General in Arena.
Gladiator : Achieve Rank of Gladiator in Arena.
Guardian : Achieve Rank of Guardian in Arena.
Heavyweight : Achieve Rank of Heavyweight in Arena.
Hero : Achieve Rank of Hero in Arena.
Juggernaut : Achieve Rank of Juggernaut in Arena.
Knight : Achieve Rank of Knight in Arena.
Legend : Achieve Rank of Legend in Arena.
Legendary Promotion : Evolve a 4 Star Unit to 5 Star.
Legendary Training : Level any Unit to Lv99.
Master : Achieve Rank of Master in Arena.
Novice : Achieve Rank of Novice in Arena.
Rookie Training : Level any Unit to Lv5.
Sage : Achieve Rank of Sage in Arena.
Saint : Achieve Rank of Saint in Arena.
Tactician : Achieve Rank of Tactician in Arena.
Titan : Achieve Rank of Titan in Arena.
Veteran Promotion : Evolve a 1 Star Unit to 2 Star.
Virtuoso : Achieve Rank of Virtuoso in Arena.
Warlord : Achieve Rank of Warlord in Arena.
Warrior : Achieve Rank of Warrior in Arena.

Hope you enjoy!


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Thanks for this, gives me some reference material to go off