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How to Make iOS Devices Battery Last Longer!

Tutorial Name: How to Make iOS Devices Battery Last Longer!  

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As we all know the battery life on most Apple devices is awful! So, here's a few tips to help it last a little longer!!

1 - Enable Airplane Mode

Enabling 'Airplane' Mod on iOS Devices shuts off all incoming and outgoing signals. Including calls & text's, by doing so this drastically improves battery life. However, if your expecting a call this isn't really ideal for you!

How to enable Airplane mode:

Go to your device settings and it should be right there at the top!! Just click it to enable it

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2 - Closing Apps

This simple trick can help save your battery life. All you have to do is properly close your apps, which is easily done! Not closing apps properly and allowing them to continue running uses system resources, meaning that it will contribute towards your battery dying on you (RIP). So close them properly!!

How do I close my apps properly?!:

Simple. Double click your home button and you will be taken to a multi window viewing mode, just swipe up on the app that you want to close. Yes, that simple.

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3 - Screen Brightness!!

Now we look at the brightness of your screen. This is a huge contribution to the murder of your battery. Just decreasing how bright your screen is can help your phone stay on for that little bit longer. Yes, it may be harder to see your screen but it comes with a good advantage. So just reduce your screen brightness a little, or as much as you can (so you can still see it)

How do I do this?!:

Again, its very simple! This is the easiest method to doing so. All you have to do is swipe up your screen (from the bottom) and a little menu type thing will appear, now simply drag the slider (with the sun icon) towards the left. The more you drag it the dimmer your screen becomes!!

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...And just like that you can make your Apple device last that extra bit longer! There are other methods to do so, however these are the main 3 ways!


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