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Android Market Alternative! Free Apps/Games EASY!

Tutorial Name: Android Market Alternative! Free Apps/Games EASY!  

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Submitted By: xGrusomeDeathx

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Hello TTG. I was roaming through the Android section, and did a search about a Market Alternative called Blackmart. When no results came up, I felt the need to start this topic. Let me explain first just what Blackmart is.


Blackmart is a Market alternative. It is similar to Applanet, or using 4shared.com. But the problem with those two are is that, Applanet's servers are down, and 4shared can sometimes take awhile. And plus, you manually have to update your apps when using 4shared by going and searching for the new version. I don't know about you, but I find that VERY time consuming. With Blackmart, you can search for an app that you want, either free or paid, and it will show up. Although not EVERY app from the Market is there, but a great majority of them are.

Downloading and Installing Blackmart!

First, you will want to go to Settings/Applications and check off Unknown Sources, if you have not done so before, hit ok when you are shown the Notice. Then go to either you're phone or PC browser and go here: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Download the Blackmart APK file, and either transfer it to you're phone then install, or if you downloaded it right on you're phone browser, just go ahead and install.

Installing Apps (Read Carefully)

Once you've installed Blackmart, just simply open it, search for an app, it may or may not be there, so don't get frustrated, eventually it will be put up. And download it! But here's the tricky part. Once it finishes downloading, it will say that it has, it will begin to install. But the problem with this build, is that there is a bug with the installation process. It doesn't completely install the program. So what you do is you open you're notification bar after waiting about 15-30 seconds AFTER it tells you it is installing the program, hit the Notification that has the yellow progress bar showing the installation of the program. It should open up the Package Installer. If/When it asks you to Replace Existing Data, hit Ok. If it does NOT ask you that, and you hit install, and it says, Application Not Installed, just repeat the last step. I now it is tricky, but if you've followed along, you should be able to do it in you're sleep!

I hope you all found this useful, and I hope you read everything correctly and closely and I hope you are all on you're way to get any app you need! Post any questions, or anything you'd like to say about this tutorial on my Android Discussion post located here: Forums/p=14478147.html#14478147



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I downloaded a monopoly game app from blackmart to my Android. This app is not free from ea games.. installed it .. but when I open the app it says please wait checking license and gets stuck there ... What should i do?


Link is down as of 10/13


That's pretty sweet!


Thank you soo much, I've been looking for an android version of installus, thank you :D


Sorry about the link, Megaupload won't let me keep it up due to Copyright reasons.


xGrusomeDeathx http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EQRA2Z6R Try that

Dont mind the name, just download it!


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EQRA2Z6R Try that


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KQXLMBTY I'm not sure why it wont work. Try this.


Link's down