The Tech Game: September 2020

Xbox Series X Currently Has More Next-Gen Exclusives Than PS522440
Oculus no longer developing PC-only VR0820
Rebellion bringing Sniper Elite 4 to Nintendo Switch0470
Xbox Series S Shows Off Its Snappy Quick Resume Feature In New Trailer31310
PS5 is Said to be Widely-Available at Launch Compared to PS4 Release0780
Epic Games Store Offers 3 New Free Games0990
The PS5 Will Be the Largest Console in Modern history65030
PS5 is Said to be Forward Compatible with 99% of PS4 Games11360
PS5 User Interface Will be Revealed Soon11560
Xbox One Controller Reportedly Getting Big New Feature33800
Empire of Sin from Romero Games Finally Launches on December0880
Sony's PS5 Launch Games To Offer Free PS4 Upgrades11470
PS5 Already Going For Absurd Prices on eBay64403.5
Lonesome Village Announced on PC, Switch With A Kickstarter2914
Fall Guys Is Giving Everyone a Free Costume31625
Xbox Series S Game Sizes Will be Roughly 30% Smaller Than Series X21594.5
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X01033.5
Demon’s Souls Isn’t Coming to PC or Other Consoles, According to Sony21544
Cyberpunk 2077 Gives Us A Great Look at Night City in Latest Trailer22513.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Official PC System Requirements Revealed23054
PS3, PS2, and PS1 Games Confirmed to Not be Compatible on PS512653
Nintendo Switch Online Subscriptions Top 26 Million1815
Horizon Forbidden West is also coming to PS41984.5
Sony - fans ‘shouldn’t be disappointed’ with cross-gen announcements01685
Resident Evil Village Receives Spooky New Trailer11884
PlayStation Addresses Big PS5 Backwards Compatibility Question01343.5
PlayStation Plans to Support PS4 for Another 3 or 4 Years41584
DiRT 5 Trailer Showcases Xbox Series S Gameplay01294
The Nintendo 3DS Range Has Officially Been Discontinued21184
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Releases on December 11th01464
Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand Update Launches Next Week On PC01805
Call of Duty: Warzone Could Be Coming To Mobile01104
Xbox Throws Shade at PlayStation Over PS5 Pre-Order Problems57543.7
Twitch Is Testing Compulsory Mid-Stream Ads82253.7
Civilization 6 Announces New Byzantium And Gaul DLC Pack01143.3
Xbox Series X and S Retail Packages Officially Revealed44663.7
Xbox Series X is not reliant on ‘massive exclusives’ this year - exec21574.3
Mafia Definitive Edition PC System Requirements Revealed11564.3
Watch Dogs Legion PC System Requirements Revealed11554
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Games are Said to Just be Running on Emulator21933.7
AMD Teases Radeon RX 6000 Series GPUs33583.7
PS5 Retail Box Revealed14323.3
GTA publisher expects Xbox ‘to do very well’ this console generation42484.3
Fall Guys update features a ‘huge range’ of new round variations01464
EA renames Origin to the EA Desktop app11183.7
Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Weights Revealed11984
PS5 Games Will Cost Up to $70 moving forward, Internet reacts55765
God of War 2 Confirmed for 2021, Ragnarok Teased12684.3
PS5 Release Date and Price Officially Revealed by PlayStation56184.5
Demon’s Souls Trailer Shows Stunning Gameplay32033
Black Ops Cold War Shows Explosive Campaign Footage in New Gameplay22524
Harry Potter is coming to next-gen consoles as Hogwarts Legacy23314
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Gameplay Revealed11854.7
Final Fantasy XVI has been revealed as a PlayStation console exclusive01705
Rocket League Free-to-Play Date Revealed11173.7
EA Comments on Latest Battlefield 6 and Battlefield 3 Remaster Rumor02764.3
Bungie CEO Shoots Down Rumors of Microsoft Acquisition Talks11424
Take-Two CEO Doesn't Think Cloud Gaming Is The Future01163.7
Razer Accidentally Leaks Info For 100,000 Customers11344
Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Trophy List Teased by CD Projekt Red Dev0944.3
Call of Duty League 2021 Season won't be Played on PS5, Moving to PC52754.3
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 Is the Fastest Selling in Franchise11394.3
Xbox Updates Official Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Pages02064
New Super Mario 3D All-Stars Trailer Released11524.3
Xbox Game Pass Adds Halo 3: ODST, Night in the Woods, and More01504
Fall Guys Opens Up About “Cheater Island”01963.7
New PlayStation 5 Commercial Released44484.3
Halo 3: ODST is Dropping on PC Next Week32384.7
Nintendo Switch sales just broke another industry record12274.3
PS5's Price Might Have Been Revealed By New SKUs03423.7
Twitch plays Microsoft Flight Simulator wasn’t a disaster02575
PS5 Report Hints at Expensive Price13364
Wreckfest Waves the Starting Flag on Season 2 Today01435
The Crew 2: Year 3 Trailer Introduces Updates Via New Season System02174
Xbox Series S hard drive size is to keep price low, confirms Microsoft73484
Godfall’s new Combat Trailer shows off more PS5 gameplay01724.3
Xbox Series S Won’t Hold Back Next-Gen Visuals Says Developer22584
Gears 5 Clip Shows 120 FPS Multiplayer Gameplay On Xbox Series S03173.5
Rainbow Six Siege hackers are using Tachanka’s rework early13044
Black Ops Cold War Developer Responds to Big Gameplay Concern111,1073.8
Xbox Series S Has a Halo Easter Egg You Probably Missed34724
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Trailer Outlines Demo Content12213.8
Xbox Series S is So Small Phil Spencer Displayed it Two Months Ago34784
PlayStation 5 – Here is Everything That Will Come in The Box14143.8
Xbox Series S Won’t Feature 4K Enhancements for Backward compatibility01483.8
Planned Xbox Series X briefing leaks online43734.3
Is Xbox Live Going Free? Industry Insider Comments on New Speculation44784
Grimes' Cyberpunk 2077 Character Lizzy Wizzy Fully Revealed02154.3
PlayStation Panel Scheduled for PAX Online Event01304.3
Call of Duty Developer Warns of Big Xbox Series S Problem24303
Xbox Series X/S to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos01134
Xbox Series S likely won’t be able to run Xbox One X enhanced content34524
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Receives a New Trailer12904
Dragon Ball FighterZ Showcases Master Roshi Gameplay21594
PS5 to Cost $499, Digital Edition $399 – Rumour33284.5
No More Heroes 3 release pushed into 202111204
PS5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S – Specs Comparison13543.8
Nvidia RTX 3060 rumours suggest 2080 performance for 2060 cash166683.5
Xbox Series S: Here's Where The "Lockhart" Codename Came From22483.8
New Nintendo Leak Reveals Multiple Unreleased Game Boy Games22933.8
Xbox Series S/X unboxing video compares the two next-gen consoles24333.8
Star Wars: Squadrons Has Officially Gone Gold11334
It looks like DICE is starting to tease Battlefield 644094
Sony Announces PS5 Showcase Event64914
Riders Republic Is Ubisoft’s New Mutliplayer Extreme Sports Playground12833.7
The Division 2 Will Be Backwards Compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X31624
PS5 Price Reportedly Revealed34794.3
Ubisoft Reveals Roller Champions Release Window21364
Black Ops Cold War Leak Reveals Highly-Requested Multiplayer Feature55003.7
Rainbow Six Siege is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X62464
New Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Stream Coming Next Week31523.3
Ninja Announces Return to Twitch in New Exclusive Streaming Deal53974
GameStop to Offer Payment Plans for Xbox Series X and PS542584
Epic Games Store Makes Two New Games Free42294
What Xbox Series X And Series S Look Like Up-Close32443.8
Microsoft Reportedly Selling Xbox Series X / Series S at a Loss87574
Xbox Game Pass For PC Will Soon Be More Expensive43684.3
Skull And Bones Has A "New Vision," Won't Be At Ubisoft Forward31874
Xbox Details Expansion of All Access32743.5
Xbox Series X Box Art Revealed44043.3
Rockstar Support is telling fans to stay tuned for GTA 6 updates33473.3
Nintendo is Reportedly Asking Developers to Make Their Games 4K-Ready74134.8
Black Ops Cold War Will Arrive With Cross-Gen and Cross-Platform Play22673.8
How Call Of Duty: Warzone Interacts With Black Ops Cold War23624.3
Destiny reaches 167 million players41804
Amazon Australia leak shows five new PS5 game covers22435
Gears Tactics Finally Hits Xbox Consoles on November 100834.5
Xbox Shares a Look Inside the Xbox Series S13603.5
Xbox Series X SSD Expansion Listing And Price Potentially Leaked15544
Watch Dogs Legion Launches on November 10th for Xbox Series X and S21824
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Xbox Series X Will Run at 4K/60FPS32514.5
PS5 Release Date Possibly Leaked14583.8
Hytale shows how plants evolve and shares new images12613.8
Apple Seeks Damages From Epic In Newest Court Filing53874
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy seemingly headed to PS4 and Switch22124.8
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time demo is coming next week31554.5
New Mortal Kombat 11 Tease Has Fans Excited21873.8
Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S Specs Revealed25294.8
New Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine Switch gameplay footage released33974.5
Steam’s hardware survey shows how unpopular RTX 2000-series GPUs are55093.7
No PS5 News or Announcements This Week32333.7
Crysis Remastered Shows Off Its Highest Graphical Settings33614
Among Us reaches 1.5 million concurrent players42044
Fall Guys Will Use Fortnite's Anti-Cheat Tools In The Future11513.5
New Sonic the Hedgehog games are coming in 202151434
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Officially Revealed127914.1
Xbox Game Pass is Adding EA Play for No Extra Cost This Holiday53224
Xbox Series X Release Date and Price Revealed by Microsoft99883.8
Cyberpunk 2077 “won’t be aggressive” with multiplayer microtransaction11314.2
Minecraft Is Adding PlayStation VR Support11084.7
Dirt 5 Receives Short Delay, Now Launching November 60963.8
Streets of Rage 4 Has Been Downloaded Over 1.5 Million Times01594.2
Nintendo patent appears to show a standalone Switch Joy-Con11774.5
Cyberpunk 2077 For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Won't Cost Extra21124.7
PS5 Price and Pre-Order Availability Rumored to be Announced Tomorrow87074
Cyberpunk 2077 Post-Launch Plans Will be Revealed “Fairly Soon”33024.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Will Have Microtransactions53773.8
Xbox Velocity Architecture Trademark Application Filed by Microsoft33824.3
No Man's Sky Developer Teases "Huge" New Game13184.3
Original Oculus Quest Reportedly Discontinued, Unannounced New Version23384
Xbox Series S officially revealed with price and trailer111,1504.3
PS5 Might be Compatible With PSP and PS Vita52784.3
Xbox One Update Includes Helpful Feature for Installing Games24324.2
Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update Teaser Trailer, New Details34423.7
EA removes in-game ads from UFC 432794.7
Fortnite iOS Playerbase Drops By 60% Amid Fight with Apple53213.7
Call of Duty Insider Teases Exciting MW2 Content for Modern Warfare35324.2
The Xbox Series S Design and Price Have Leaked98864
Mafia: Definitive Edition Map Changes Detailed03613.7
Minecraft’s pack.png seed has been discovered14183.8
Ride 4 Is Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X11134
CD Projekt Red Has Spent Over $121 Million Developing Cyberpunk 207732473.7
Team Fortress 2 now has anti-cheat bots32124.3
Esports Commission launches investigation into CS:GO spectator bug12064.7
Nintendo Adds Pikmin 3 Back to WiiU Shop12484
New PlayStation Patent Has PS5 Fans Scratching Their Heads23824.3
Spelunky 2’s Steam release date has been revealed21273.9
Minecraft Live will reveal “huge updates” and new mobs in October22453.8
Xbox Series X Will Have Full DX12_2 Support32433.5
Microsoft launches Xbox Academy game development workshops11613.8
PS5 release may be staggered globally23694.1
No more delays for Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR says22784.4
Mafia: Definitive Edition trailer showcases the city of Lost Heaven12904.5
Dr Disrespect says he's dealing with anxiety because of his Twitch ban24324.1
The Division 2 To Get New Endgame PvE Mode With “The Summit”11863.9
RIDE 4 Will Run at 60 FPS and “Up to 4K” on PS521643.8
Apex Legends Update Removes Racial Slur From Game44564.4
Gran Turismo 7 Dev Asks What Car Should Be On The Cover11464.3
Crysis Remastered PC Requirements Revealed12233.8
Halo Infinite Reveals First Look at New Multiplayer Content14374.1
Super Mario 3D World Comes to Switch in 202132743.8
DOOM Eternal Running at Max Settings on RTX 3080 is a Thing to Behold02713.6
Microsoft Flight Simulator is Biggest Xbox Game Pass for PC Launch32584.2
Call of the Sea Gets New Trailer Featuring Developer Commentary32394.3
Minecraft Live Announced For October 333334
Xbox Game Pass Adds 5 New Games, Makes Horror Fans Very Happy27054.2
The Epic Games Store’s next free titles have been announced24303.8
Sea of Thieves update Vaults of the Ancients is coming next week21254.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Introduces Two Brand New Characters33713.7
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands minimum requirements updated22353.7
Nintendo Leak Reveals Portable GameCube Console44583.7
No Man’s Sky Developer Says its Next “Huge” Project is in Development21694.5
GTA Online Cheaters Get Accounts Reset For Money Exploit32653.8
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Has No Additional Content Planned21654.2
Xbox will share Series X price and date ‘when we’re ready’44184
Cyberpunk 2077 Install Size Confirmed to be Less than 200GB22144.7
WB Games deemed too valuable, AT&T no longer interested in selling43514.3
Xbox says it has "no new next-gen news" for the Tokyo Game Show21104.2
Fall Guys is Adding a Giant Spinning Hammer Named Big Yeetus41974.3
Xbox Reveals New Next-Gen Accessories Details33523.8
Animal Crossing Ushers In Fall Changes With New Video23134.1
Modern Warfare Has Apparently Sold 30 Million Copies to Date41824.1
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has ray tracing31944.4
Insider Reveals New Details on Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer13124.1
Red Dead Online Update Adds New Legendary Animal and Free Rewards11643.9
Mortal Kombat 11 Director Shares Cryptic New Tease11094.1
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Footage Leaked111,9684
Call Of Duty: Warzone May Be Adding Subway Stations In Next Season32083.8
Fortnite is getting ray tracing22674
PS5 Trailer Hypes up Breathtaking Immersion12213.6
New Xbox Game Showcase confirmed for Tokyo Game Show 202011383.4
The Xbox Series S has once again been confirmed by more packaging13334
New Resident Evil 8 reveals coming this month11343
Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale Game Coming to Switch32383.6
Super Mario Galaxy Co-Op on Switch Requires Detached Joy-Cons to Play12274
New PS5 Report May Be Bad News for Console's Release Date44644.2
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Date Leaks Again23743.4
Ubisoft Forward Officially Confirmed for September 1021033.6
Cyberpunk 2077 Showcases Ray Tracing Visuals in New Trailer11984.2
Dead by Daylight Gets Graphical Overhaul with The Realm Beyond12514
New Xbox Game Pass titles for console and PC announced22224.2
Minecraft’s combat rework snapshot adds upgradable shields42274.2
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods is a Standalone Expansion31774.4
EA quietly drops Rocket Arena’s price to $531923.8
EA Play Is Now on Steam21824
Fall Guys Charity Bidding War Ends Raising $1,000,000 for SpecialEffec32144
Monster Hunter Switch New Entry Is Reportedly Coming Soon21743.6
Streamer sets Super Mario 64 world record while playing with drums53363.6
This Halo mod allows you to play as a Grunt and fight Master Chief33583.4
PS5 DualSense uses in-game sound effects to generate vibrations32574
GTA Online Players Discover Secret Playable UFO Mission33194.4
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Actor Speaks Up About His Role Being Recast22593.6
Sony Says it Wants to Make Advancements With PSVR31374.2
PS5 Backwards Compatibility Won’t Allow PS3, PS2 or PS1 Games73854.1
Modder Makes Wii The Size Of A Game Boy44094
PlayStation plans to ‘accelerate the rollout’ of first-party games22134
EA plans to announce the Mass Effect trilogy remaster in October33144.7
Retail and Development Sources Suggest PS5 Will Launch Mid November22163.9
Chivalry 2 delayed to 202141864
PS Now Adds Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, and More This Month21804.3
Nvidia Reveals New RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards88954
Call of Duty cheats seller sued by Activision74383.8
Apple taunts Epic with Fortnite rival PUBG Mobile14753.7
Microsoft and Walmart Tiktok purchase could cost $20–$30 billion42704.2
Sony open to developer buyouts to grow PlayStation Studios11793.8
Insider Says PS5 Event is Coming in Mid-September11183.7
Sea of Thieves getting dogs in September update23064

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