The Tech Game: November 2011

Battlefield 3 sells through 8 million of 12 million total shipped549,7204.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies coming to iOS on December 154,0594.5
PS3 Firmware 4.00 Details22,9744.7
Microsoft Reports Record Black Friday Sales186,9524.7
Rumour: Dead Space goes FPS & Dragon Age goes Multiplayer94,4454.7
Skyrim App to Hit iOS Soon43,4134.7
Valve Creates Notch a Team Fortress 2 Pixelated Head34,7184.6
3DS Firmware Update Delayed in Japan05,3564.7
PS3 Games will be Playable via Vita Remote Play02,4084.6
Verizon FiOS Launching on Xbox 360228,7304.5
Germany Swings the Ban-Hammer on Dead Island319,3214.4
Battlefield 3 effectively banned in Iran247,1584.2
Vita Memory Card Priced by GameStop53,6764.4
Modern Warfare 3 Retains UK No.1 for Third Week286,8174.4
Kinect 2 Rumoured to Read Lips116,0164.3
Modern Warfare 3 - Lego Style3011,7414.6
xk3y 'Unlocks' Your 360!9541,7944.4
December Game Release Roster2113,2734.3
Rumor: Microsoft in 'early stages of licensing' with Sony for Kinect TV94,6614.7
Treyarch Hiring For ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?’16329,0573.4
Wife puts husband up for sale on Craigslist due to Modern Warfare 36821,2814.6
Report Claims Vita Remote Play for ALL PS3 Titles02,5654.6
Microsoft Plan Two Xbox 720 Models According to Report3014,7704.4
Ubisoft Report Kinect Sales 'unhealthy'103,6394.7
Microsoft Acquires VideoSurf55,0074.7
Japanese TV Airs First PlayStation Vita TV Commercial02,2404.7
Battlefield 1943 Finally Issued to PS3 Battlefield 3 Players53,1694.6
Sony Learns Lessons with PS3, Won't be Late with PS463,3524.6
Call of Duty Elite status goes green - '95 percent operational'288,2734.6
GAME's Shares Drop 60%22,9274.7
Kinect for Windows benefits from Newer Technology63,4434.7
Xbox Live Sales Begin106,2234.4
Microsoft responds to Xbox Live hacking story2410,7884.4
Europe Expects PS3 3D Display Delay22,3954.7
Players Required to Purchase GameStop's Console Streaming Service33,3314.5
Thieves Steal Millions from Xbox Live Accounts8318,2904.5
Microsoft Announce Kinect Accelerator Program54,5024.7
Elite Reaches 4M Subscribers216,1404.6
New Xbox Dashboard Launches On December 65113,1574.5
Infinity Ward Swings Ban-Hammer on MW3 Cheaters10124,3914.6
$100 Special Edition Max Payne 3 for Early Pre-Order74,0554.6
Kojima Speculates on making Metal Gear Solid 512,7734.7
Chuck Norris Stars in World of Warcraft43,1874.6
Raptr Report: Gamers Prefer Modern Warfare 3 over Battlefield 37013,3564.2
Vodafone Announced as Vita EU 3G Partner12,3284.7
EA sued over Battlefield 3's missing BF 1943 on PS3155,1694.5
Modern Warfare 3 Generates $775 Million In Under A Week5611,4074.5
Silent Xbox Live anti-piracy update affecting legit gamers2715,8584.5
First look at Minecraft running on Xbox 3604616,9434.3
Call of Duty Elite fix here within two weeks126,0194.4
GameStop moves 600K Call of Duty Elite subscriptions a 'top 10 launch' this year74,4894.5
Nintendo, EA, Sony sponsor Internet censorship bill3410,7154.2
Error Leads to Xbox Live user Being Awarded Four Billion Microsoft Points5927,0664.5
Upcoming Xbox Apps Preview!2814,7154.6
Xbox 720 to be Hybrid Console4113,6344.5
7 Million Copies of Skyrim Shipped215,7924.6
South Korea Curfewing PSN and XBL6816,3194.2
MS Rumoured to Announce Next-gen Xbox at CES in January195,6394.7
Minecraft Leaves Beta33,7054.8
Xbox Hits 10 Year Benchmark205,4754.7
EA Unleash the Ban-Hammer in Battlefield 34411,7174.4
Halo 4 Confirmed for Xbox 360 (Not 720)145,5074.7
Microsoft Developing 'exciting' Xbox 360 Cloud Features84,4674.5
Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Arrives Next Week43,0064.6
Infamous Festival of Blood is Fastest Selling PSN Game to Date12,3914.5
Battlefield 3 patch to address tactical light complaints4111,7464.2
Microsoft: Xbox Live gains a new user every two seconds328,2404.5
Halo Anniversary maps coming to Reach as DLC next week135,1544.7
Modern Warfare 3 sells 6.5M in biggest day-one ever339,2694.6
Battlefield 3's 'Back to Karkand' will be part of regular map rotation83,4674.5
Bethesda squinting at Skyrim's texture scaling issues on Xbox135,4624.5
Call of Duty Elite still 'intermittent,' annual memberships bumped to 13 months3210,7974.6
Steam Hacked, Valve Investigating Possible Credit Card Theft63,4924.7
BestBuy Slips Price For Xbox 360 Version of Minecraft3516,5824.5
Rumour: 720 to be Windows Based & Going 'Apple Route'2310,8204.4
Online Pass Required for Saints Row: The Third Co-op and Horde play187,0064.3
Video Games Market to Hit $50bn in Five Years02,2394.8
MW3 DLC - 20 Pieces Confirmed Over 9 Months2712,3474.6
Next Assassin's Creed Released 201253,2514.8
NVIDIA Release Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor02,3404.6
Xbox Live Beacons and other new social features incoming to Xbox.com135,9334.6
Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders near 9 million, analyst says255,9714.6
Ubisoft Reports £32m Loss12,0334.6
Nintendo Reveal Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS44,3274.6
XBOX 720 Smaller & Cheaper than 3603011,2244.6
Activision Increasing CoD Elite Capacity95,8694.6
Skyrim Requires Day One Patch114,0424.7
MW3 Modded Stats Service8625,2103
Rumour: GTA V Map Leaks1910,3554.5
Wii Price Crash - Now £8922,6134.7
Best Buy Closing UK Stores12,3864.6
MW3 Live London Launch Event85,6174.6
Kinect for Windows in 201262,9534.7
Modern Warfare 3's shocking moments 'not gratuitous'125,9104.5
Report: French delivery truck hijacked, 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 stolen3110,3384.7
Report: Steam user forums hacked, taken offline13,2734.7
Minecraft sales at 4 million12,1024.7
Call of Duty Elite now up on Xbox Live125,3314.7
MW3: Schofield “p**sed off” that people got game early,3510,3404.5
Xbox 360 has sold over 57 million units worldwide276,7944.6
MW2 Lobbies after TU7 open7126,1234
MW3 to reach $1.1bn sales in six weeks — analyst368,3864.5
Microsoft: Early MW3 playing “may” risk Xbox Live ban5524,0384.6
PSN game sharing to become more exclusive63,5874.4
Somebody bid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay8419,5834.1
Hitman Absolution 17 Min Dev Walkthrough Video74,1694.5
Rainbow Six: Patriots Arriving in 201395,3824.6
GTAV Set in Los Santos and Includes Multiplayer238,4624.6
Xbox Live Gets Skyrim Avatar Collection43,4014.7
Grand Theft Auto V Could Come as Early as February289,0034.7
Modern Warfare 3 Install Size for Xbox 360 Confirmed4121,4674.4
Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Sales Nearly Double PS395,2884.5
EA: Battlefield 3 multiplayer will keep players coming back despite MW3 launch224,9074.2
Analyst Predicts Highly Successful Hardware Sales this Festive Season02,0094.4
PS3 Sales Catching Xbox 36022,3514.5
Sony Acquires Patent for Biometric Controls02,0324.5
Free Gears of War 3 Map Pack on November 24176,8674.7
PlayStation Home Redesigned02,0254.3
Grand Theft Auto V trailer is here!5014,5644.5
Trials HD dev acquired by Ubisoft for undisclosed amount43,0034.8
Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Shop Available Immediately at Launch5018,8744.6
Battlefield 3 sells 5 million globally during first week174,1484.6
GTA 5 to be digital only game?4411,1284.4
Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer shows new modes, maps5011,4654.8
PS3 update 4.0: Considering firmware features02,3724.6
Rumour: Silicon Knights lays off 75% of Staff02,0444.5
Sony Announces PlayStation Plus' November Perks12,0514.7
GoW3 Horde Command DLC Delayed by “technical issue”114,6164.6
Call of Duty: Elite App Information3113,3034.5

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