The Tech Game: June 2010

Hulu confirmed for PS3, 36072,5944.7
Dead Rising 2 smacked with a delay32,4894.3
Take-Two CEO: BioShock 2 ‘not hugely successful’11,8334.7
Halo: Reach hits Zero Bug Release63,0994.8
Fils-Aime: No 3DS in 201012,3464.6
Move and Kinect neck and neck32,1434.5
Microsoft wants to put RROD issues behind it63,8274.8
New NXE? Redundant but possibly true197,4414.8
Bungie considered making a proper Halo 4 instead of Reach33,6364.6
Kinect playable demo units now at Microsoft Stores12,6484.7
Take-Two to release new IPs yearly01,6604.5
Rumor: Hulu headed to PS312,0454.7
Microsoft will wait "until the market responds" to 3D22,6854.7
Kinect about getting new audiences, core gamer to be catered to later01,5764.8
Xbox Ghostbusters multiplayer glitches to be busted this fall02,0574.7
Call of Duty Black Ops Demo Pt. 2 - E3 201001,6524.7
Call of Duty Black Ops Demo Pt. 1 - E3 201011,7684.6
Xbox 360 Slim, first pictures215,2934.6
Call of Duty DLC to debut on Xbox Live until 201202,4194.6
Kinect moves into retail this November01,7174.5
Red Dead Redemption updated, multiplayer connection errors fixed22,1624.6
Crysis 2 beta on the way, community site sign-ups get early access11,7234.7
Kinect leaked games list22,2954.7
Kinect is in, 'Project Natal' is out11,8754.7
Kinect gets gesture-based Video Chat01,6434.7
Rumor: Xbox 360 Slim and Kinect outed by Microsoft ad12,7474.8
Kinect official hardware, in pictures01,6544.7
Expect Medal of Honor to sound good52,0054.5
Microsoft: We’ll top Natal announcement63,3114.4
XCOM Trailer - E3 201001,6304.7
Mortal Kombat E3 Debut Trailer01,6784.6
Mortal Kombat E3 Debut Trailer05374.7
Kane & Lynch 2 "She'd Better Be Worth It" E3 2010 Trailer02,1174.7
The Sims 3 console trailer gets confessional02,2324.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops Beta in Consideration84,5034.8
Red Dead Redemption surpasses 5 million units shipped11,9284.7
New driver, old habits13,2004.6
Xbox 360 enjoys its highest attach rate in the UK11,5374.5
Time ranks Virtual Boy, Farmville among top 50 worst inventions93,1854.4
Super Mario Bros. X trailer takes us to a special place02,3194.6
October 5 is a good day to release Def Jam Rapstar01,8374.6
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 update now live11,8494.6
MAG Update v1.06 deploying June 801,8854.5
Call of Duty: World at War Zombies 'sequel' now available86,9244.6
Bungie seen as Call of Duty: Black Ops competitor42,6274.6
Rumor: Activision re-making GoldenEye, out in November21,9644.7
Activision indie games competition detailed01,7344.6
Red Dead Redemption 'Outlaws to the End' DLC due on June 2232,0774.4
Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack Tour32,1254.5
No co-op for Call of Duty: Black Ops' campaign32,0874.5
Bungie “hated” Halo’s Combat Evolved subtitle22,0624.7
Black Ops is its own man, draws nothing from Modern Warfare 211,9264.6
Treyarch still believe in Infinity Ward52,2794.4
Black Ops did it the other way22,0344.6
UK charts: Red Dead leads again, Blur, Alpha Protocol off to a slow start11,8684.7

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