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SLADE3 Tutorial #2 - About Features

Tutorial Name: SLADE3 Tutorial #2 - About Features  

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SLADE has many different features, allowing for a simple yet comprehensive editing experience:

Basic archive/resource editing
All the basic resource management features you'd expect: Create/Open/Save archives, import/export, ordering, conversion and more.

Simple tabbed interface
Open multiple archives at once and switch between them easily via tabs. This enables simple copy/paste from one archive to another, among many other benefits.

Many supported game formats
In addition to full Doom WAD and ZIP/PK3 support, many other game formats are supported, including:
-Quake PAK/WAD2 and HUD image format
-Build GRP and ART format images
-Shadowcaster DAT/LIB along with most of its image formats
-Amulets & Armor RES, MipImage and UI gfx
and many more!!

Map editing
SLADE3 features an advanced map editor with all the features of the previous SLADE releases - this includes all you would expect from a modern editor, such as line drawing with smart sector building, 3d mode editing, support for advanced ZDoom features and more. The map editor is also fully integrated with the rest of the program, which means it is possible to add or edit resources (textures, for example) and have the changes immediately reflected in the map editor.

Advanced text editor
The SLADE3 text editor can recognise many text based languages, and provide syntax hilighting, function calltips and autocomplete for them. It also has a bunch of other useful text editing features such as autoindent and find / replace.

Graphic conversion
All supported graphic formats can be converted to PNG/DoomGfx/DoomFlat and more, with an advanced graphic conversion dialog that provides conversion options and previews.

Texture editing
Edit doom composite textures (TEXTUREx) with the easy-to-use SLADE3 texture editor.


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