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Emulating Xbox 360 on PC for Running COD4 With Mods

Tutorial Name: Emulating Xbox 360 on PC for Running COD4 With Mods  

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Submitted By: Ambien

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Note before we start: Yes I was lazy and typed up a tutorial and ran in through ChatGPT to help word it better and if this is the wrong forum please move it.

Hello, everyone! Today, I will guide you through the process of emulating Xbox 360 games on your PC or laptop, specifically focusing on running Call of Duty 4 with mod menus. In this example, I'll explain how to set up Xenia and the required files to simulate the experience of having a RGH to run mod menus.

I stumbled upon this method while eagerly awaiting my RGH console. I wanted to test mod menus without inconveniencing fellow modders on here. Keep in mind that you'll need a good PC or laptop to run this well. My laptop is quite basic, but I make use of Shadow.tech. This gives access to a "Gaming PC." This setup manages to run Xenia reasonably well, although occasional lags persist.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:
1. Install Xenia Canary: First and foremost, download Xenia Canary from [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .
2. Obtain Call of Duty 4 ISO: Procure a Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 ISO. You can find this ISO through an online search.
3. Extract the ISO: Utilize a program such as "XBOX360 ISO Extract" to extract the contents of the ISO file.
4. Download Required Files: Download the "default_mp.xex" file [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] and place this in the Call of Duty 4 folder. This file is crucial for the emulation to function correctly.
5. Prepare Mod Menu: Acquire your desired mod menu and place it within the Call of Duty 4 folder.
6. Run Xenia and Launch the Game: Open Xenia Canary and execute the "default_mp.xex" file within the Call of Duty 4 folder. This action will initiate the game.
7. Access Split Screen Mode: Upon launching the game, navigate to the split-screen mode and start the game and see if it worked.

Please be aware that this approach only supports split-screen gameplay due to Xenia's limitations--there's no access to Xbox Live or system link functionalities.


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Might give this a go see how I do


I might just try this, thank you!


Thanks for uploading this!


Interesting you wrote it with ChatGPT, the instructions really do sound almost too formal for the function. Anyway, cool to see all the menus you've added and the tutorial to use them. Great job!