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How to play Socom 2/3/ and Combined Assault on PC

Tutorial Name: How to play Socom 2/3/ and Combined Assault on PC  

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Hello guys so today I am gonna teach you how to play socom 2, 3, and Combined Assault like the good old days on PS2. Lets begin.

Step 1: You are gonna wanna download NPcap and run it. ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ) 100% Safe!, Once you have ran it be sure to click next and check: Support loopback traffic, and also check: Install Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible Mode. Then click install. After that you are done with step 1. so you can move onto step 2.

Step 2: Make a folder on your desktop and name it SOCOM, Once you have done that click the link provided ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ) Once you have clicked the link download PCSX2 Emulator Socom Community, and put it in the SOCOM folder. Once you done open the fold and scroll down to pcsx2.exe and run the program. Once you have ran the program you can continue to step 3.

Step 3. Once you have PCSX2.exe opened, you are going to do some configurations so we can get stuff going to play with other people. Lets begin. So go to configure drop down. and select Video (GS). Once you done that select plugin settings, Once that has opened up, You will get a pop up and you want to select on renderer and select direct3D 11. Then go to adapter and select your graphics card. after that your good to go just click Okay. Now we can move to step 3.

Step 3. Now after you have done the Video (GS) configure. You are now gonna go back to Config and select Audio, Once you select that you would want to do your pc speakers. sometimes it already enabled. Now that is done go to config again and select Controllers (PAD) and then click plugin settings. Once that pops up go to pad 1 tab. right click on one of the lists and clear all. Once you have done that you are gonna wanna plug in your controller PS4, PS3, or PS5 controller. Now for each button you are going to click on the tab that says L1 or R1 and then on the controller you are gonna press L1 or R1, Now you are gonna repeat that until all the buttons are selected on the controller 1 by 1. Once you done that press apply and then Ok. Now that is complete. we can now go to step 4.

Step 4. Once you have finished the Controllers(PAD) you can now click config again and scroll to DEV9 and then select plugin settings. Once that pops up click enable ethernet make sure its checked. After that click on Options. Once Options is open you are gonna click on adapter and select either your cable wire or wifi, Which ever is plugged into the PC. Once you done that you can now press Apply. Now we can go to step 5.

Step 5. Once you finished DEV9 you can now click config again and select USB and click plugin settings. Once that pops up you want to go to Device API port 2 and click configure. Once you click config a pop up will come up and you are going to select Browse, and go to the SOCOM folder. and then PCSX2 Socom Community and you are going to scroll all the way down till you see usbmaps.ima, Once you have seen that press okay. or double click it, and then press OK. Once that is completed you are finished with the configuring options. Now we can move onto step 6 where we can run the game now!

Step 6, Once you have finished steps 1-5 you can now boot the game and start playing! Make sure to select System option and click onto Boot ISO(Full). But first you need to have the game. I have provided the game on TTG under our Downloads page under PC. Once you have got the game you can now boot the game by selecting the ISO. All you have to do is get winrar file and it will be in a winrar file but will say SOCOM3.ISO or what ever the game will say. Once you got that just double click and it will boot the game like the good old ps2 days. There is online servers and you can now play with other people. To speed stuff up just press the TAB option on your keyboard and it will enable Turbo and it will speed everything up. If you press TAB again it will disable turbo mode and make it like a normal game.

Well that is all for tonight guys. I hope you enjoyed!!!

Here is a youtube tutorial also:


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