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Othercide Beginners Tips and Tricks

Tutorial Name: Othercide Beginners Tips and Tricks  

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Othercide's beautiful black and white tactical RPG can leave you surprised with its steep learning curve. You'll be facing a number of challenges, and in this Othercide Tips and Tricks Guide, we'll be helping you learn the basics so you can maximize your efficiency in utilizing the army of Daughters.

Othercide Beginners Tips and Tricks
Othercide's dark world has you in the shoes of the formidable warriors known as the Daughters.

These warriors need to fight off the forces of the Suffering Other. That may be easier said than done.

With our tips and tricks, you'll be able to re-enforce the glory of the Army of Daughters yet again, and get rid of the evil forces that reside in the world of Othercide.

Memories or Remembrances are perks that will buff your damage, give you higher defense, or prevent the enemy from taking their turn for a little while.

To put them in slots, you'll be using vitae that can be obtained from missions.

To get yourself some memories, you'll have to kill a bunch of enemies. You might not find the ideal ones right away, but when you do, make sure you get them slotted up and ready to go.

The Dynamic Timeline System
Your entire strategic move-set revolves around the Dynamic Timeline System. Depending on how you use it, this will affect when your forces are able to act in the timeline. Every action will cost you a specific amount of AP (Except reaction skills).

Move your units around the timeline, allowing you to gain the first strike along with follow-ups when it's necessary to turn over the tide.

Burst Mode
If you happen to end a daughter's turn while she has more than 50 AP remaining, you'll find that she has a higher initiative value, so she can take her next turn normally after dealing with a bunch of enemies.

Going below 50 AP means, you'll be pushed down to the bottom of the timeline, and it means a lot of enemies will be able to make several moves before your Daughter gets her turn again.

Bursting is only viable if you feel like you can wipe the floor with a considerable number of enemies.

If you feel like you'll be vulnerable after bursting, then simply save yourself for the next turn.

Reaction Skills
Most of the time you'll be moving Daughters around the field and using your Active Skills to take down enemies.

However, Reaction Skills are a great way to deal passive damage without doing much. These attacks won't cost you any AP, however will cost your Daughters a chunk of their health.

Nonetheless, these are pretty useful moves, if combined with active skills properly

Start from the Bottom
Throughout your playthrough, you'll be able to gain newborn Daughters that start at an already higher level.

While this is good, and helps you skip all the grind. It's better if you start from Level 1, and here's why.

Daughters that start from Level 1 can be easily molded, and given a lot more traits than you could have given to the higher-level Daughter.

You can see what I'm talking about if you have a Daughter that's been in your roster since the beginning, you'll see that she is far stronger than any of the new ones you receive.

Try, try and try again
Othercide is all about learning from your mistakes. As you fail multiple encounters, you'll realize where you went wrong.

Use this knowledge to better position your daughters, and use Active and Reaction Skills accordingly.

Calculated and decisive movements play a big role in earning swift victories.

Healing a Daughter
To heal a Daughter, you'll have to sacrifice another. I mean, sure, you might lose one unit, but it's better to lose one, than losing two of them at once.

Doing so, will not only heal the targeted Daughter, but also give her a boost in her combat abilities.


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