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Host bot lobbies! Full Tutorial!

Tutorial Name: Host bot lobbies! Full Tutorial!  

Category: PC Tutorials

Submitted By: xav

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Must have a PC
Supported Windows Version - 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 and 2004
Intel and AMD Processor Supported.

How to find the tool?
Since i cant exactly link it here, just search up on google: COD Unlocker Tool.
It'll be one of the first links, if not a couple of them.
Only official reseller of this tool goes by the name "banek192"

Whats next? I have the tool!
Remember that this tool was never to be used for hosting online. This was originally released to be a tool for yourself and yourself only. If this would have stayed this way the ban rate for host would be much lower. If you are planning on hosting online with this, I would stock up on accounts and get a HWID spoofer ready for purchase, because you will need it.

Method for inviting others and getting in-game successfully?
First and most important step of them all; YOU MUST JOIN A PUBLIC MATCH BEFORE!!
If you do not complete this step your account will be banned within 24 hours 100%. I have hosted around 1500 lobbies and this is where I would get lazy and forget at times, causing me to spend another $29 on a full game account.

Patience is everything. Once in the custom games lobby literally just wait a few minutes and then start. This allows the players to preload the map which makes them able to not be kicked on startup. If you are planning on freezing the bots you will need to use the experimental version of the tool. Which also leads to a shit ton of bans. Only logical reason you would even do this is if you already had customers lined up and you were sure of it. Dont let this tool take all of your money.

Why is the server crashing?
The server crashes due to entities in the map. Simply nuke or plant the bomb to start a new round and clear the entities. I have had games get up to 25k kills with this method.

What is a safe killstreak area?
This im not sure of anymore. Ive seen people with 1k+ and then others who suicide before 30. From what ive seen only host gets a ban.

Below are some but not all of my methods

God Mode FFA
Step 1 : Always remember to join a public match at least once before hosting. This will help avoid bans being as quick.

Step 2 : Invite your customers/friends

Step 3 : Setup the Free For All mode how you would like it and save it as a custom gamemode.

Step 4 : Change the gamemode to TDM and have everyone (if not already) switch to coalition.

Step 5 : Change the gamemode to your custom FFA.

Step 6 : Repeat Step 4 & 5.

Step 7 : Start the FFA match.

*Notes : If you do not see yourself on the scoreboard when in game you have done it correctly, simply get a kill and then die and you will have godmode. Enjoy.

Longer Keys
As much as I urge people to respect the price and support
banek by paying for this each day this method will be used
until the developer fixes it.

I didnt want to release this one but last night I ran into some people charging 100s of $$$ for this simple trick.

Just dont close your game. Thats it.

Launcher Lobby

Method 1 : Run a GodMode FFA match to let your players take eachothers streaks down.

Method 2 : Run search and destroy with a few people on the opposite team as the person
needing the launcher challenges. Then kill bots > Call Streaks > Repeat.

Step 1 : Set to Domination / 1hp / Unlimited

Step 2 : Change map to atrium

Step 3 : Run to a flag and shoot your launcher at the other. You get the idea.

Tips & Tricks
I will be adding to this periodically.

    * Get a virtual machine to host, dont risk an HWID ban on your main pc if you can't handle the consequences.
    * If you are having bluescreens try to remove the folder that it creates. Usually worked for me.
    * I usually would last longer if I stayed on the team getting killed by clients.
    * Don't freeze if you dont want to get banned. Although not freezing can still get you banned it is much safer.

Thanking the topic/ giving rep is much appreciated but never required.

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TheTechGame and myself are not responsible for what happens
to your account when using this tool.
Use at your own risk


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