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How To Wipe Out The Hard Drive on Your Computer

Tutorial Name: How To Wipe Out The Hard Drive on Your Computer  

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One of the easiest ways to wipe out the hard drive on your computer is by using a disk wiping utility. You will be able to remove all traces of your data, including files that are in a hidden format. Keep in mind that when you delete a file and send it to the recycle bin, it will remain on your hard drive, but you won't be able to see it. There are various types of disk wiping utilities available on the Internet that you can use, such as the Disk Wiper utility program.


Step 1:

Browse the Internet and download a disk wiping utility of your choice. If you decide to use Disk Wiper utility program, look for the software's icon on your desktop and click on it.

Step 2:

Double-click on the Disk Wiper icon to install its files on your computer. Then, launch the utility program.

Step 3:

Examine the disk information and select the drive that you want to wipe out.

Step 4:

Select the "Wipe Hard Disk" option from the "Disk View" window. If you prefer, use the "Wipe Wizard's Wiping Tool" to wipe out and clean the drive. Be sure to check the drive letter that you want to wipe out, because you will not be able to recover the data once it's erased from your hard drive.

Step 5:

Follow the disk wiping utility's instructions and screen prompts.


When you decide to sell or donate your old computer, be sure to use a reliable disk wiping utility that will wipe and clean all of the data on your hard drive. You should make certain that the utility program erases all of your data, so that is unrecoverable by anyone. You can also remove your old hard drive and replace it with another one, before you get rid of your old computer. This will protect you from the possibility that someone handling your old computer from recovering your personal data.


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Please don't do this for educational purposes kids LMAO


I have been looking for something like this for a while! Thank you for this!