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How To Burn DVD Media on a Blank DVD-RW Disc

Tutorial Name: How To Burn DVD Media on a Blank DVD-RW Disc  

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You can burn DVD media on a blank DVD-RW disc using a DVD/CD burner. But if you own a personal computer that has a CD-ROM drive, it will not recognize DVDs. The lasers on CD burners are designed to only read the physical features of CD discs. And, CD burner lasers are unable to read DVD discs physical features. Be sure to use a DVD/CD burner and a software application, such as Windows Media Player to burn CDs and DVDs on your personal computer.


Step 1:

Go to "Microsoft.com" and select the right version of "Windows Media Player" for your Windows operating system and then download the application. If you don't have DVD copy software installed on your personal computer you will have to download one from the the Internet, too. Search for a freeware or shareware DVD copying software program that will extract and copy media on DVDs to your computer's hard drive.

Step 2:

Download and install the latest version of "Microsoft DirectX" on your computer, and run the program on your personal computer.

Step 3:

Locate the icon image for the DVD copy software and click on it to start the setup installation. Once the DVD copy software has finished installing its files on your computer, search for "Windows Media Player" icon image on your desktop. Click on the icon image to start the setup installation.

Step 4

Launch the DVD copy software application. Follow the DVD copy software instructions to extract and copy the files on the DVD to your hard drive. Close the program when you are done.

Step 5:

Place a blank DVD-RW disc into the DVD/CD drive on your personal computer. Press "Windows Media Player" and "Burn" tab. Search for the media files in your library that you will be copying to the DVD-RW disc. When you start the Windows Media player for the first time, it will automatically search for any music, videos or photographs and add them to your library.

Step 6

Create a burn list by dragging items from the "Details" pane to the "List" pane. Press the "Start Burn" button. Wait until the burn process finishes. It may take several minutes to complete. If all of the files that you are copying won't fit on the disc, you will be prompted to insert another blank DVD-RW disc


Windows Media Player is capable of copying DVDs that contain data or audio files to a DVD-RW disc. The player is unable to burn DVD-Video discs, such as copyrighted movies on DVD-RW discs, unless you're are running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate. You can use "Windows DVD Maker" to burn this type of media on DVD-RW discs.


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I remember doing this a few years ago when playing from USB wasn't even a thing hahahaha


Nice tutorial man! Keep it up!