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Tutorial Name: PDFCreator  

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Ever wanted to make a PDF but couldn't find any software that let you do it really easily? Much less without cost?

This software will add another option to when you try and print something. Another option will show up under printers, that allows you to save items such as word documents, pictures and all, into a simple PDF readable by e-book readers, e-book reading software, and browsers that support this format such as Chrome and Firefox.

To begin, as with anything that I can find on that site, I prefer Ninite.com for downloading things such as this, and it can be found on that site under "Documents", like so, circled in red:

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Run the installer like in my Ninite guide found under "PC miscellaneous", and this should be the results:

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Finished Installing:
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Now when you type anything up in a program such as Microsoft Word, and wish to save it as PDF, select the option to print, and select the new option under printers, labeled as "PDFCreator", circled in red, like so:

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After that, a new window will pop up, where you have some customization options, like so:

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Set it up how you'd like it, and hit save, select your save location, and then if you open it with any PDF viewer, including your browsers which support it, this is what you will see:

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial


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Thanks for this, should help in the event that i want to create a PDF


Thanks! Actually Useful!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!