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How to record PC games with AMD Game DVR/GVR

Tutorial Name: How to record PC games with AMD Game DVR/GVR  

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Check if you have the correct hardware requirements before doing anything.

GVR Download
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AMD cards with VCE 1.0/2.0 [HD 77XX+]
nVidia GeForce 600+
Don't know your GPU? Download Speccy to find out.

What is GVR?

GVR is a free recording software which uses the H264 encoder on your GPU to record.

It records at a maximum of 60FPS @ 1080P with really low performance impact unlike other software.

Setting up
Once downloaded and installed, click the blue box that says Record. This will turn on GVR as by default, it is off.

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You want to then hover over the blue box, you will see at the bottom right of the GVR box, you will see a settings icon. Click it.

You will land on the General tab. This is where you can configure the basic settings like the replay length, microphone recording and so on.

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Quality tab

This is where the fun happens

You can choose options for your recording.

Low, being the least demanding and lowest quality, and high being the highest demanding and quality.

Depending on your setup and preferences, you can choose whats best for you. If you get stuck, PM me and I will help you out.
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Hot keys
Still in the settings, on the left hand side, you will see Hotkeys. This will allow you to change what buttons you press to stop/start recording.

Now what?
To start recording, you have to make sure that Raptr is open before you go into a game

Press your hotkey which you set to start recording, it will tell you in the top right hand corner what your hotkey is, and away you go.


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Very detailed and informative. Good quality upload!