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How to set up Dxtory for gaming recording

Tutorial Name: How to set up Dxtory for gaming recording  

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As the title states, this is how to set up Dxtory settings for the best possible gaming recording. I will focus on low file size but keep the quality at 1080P.

Setting the folders up

First off, you want to click on the add new folder.
You then want to select your recording folder. Mine is in my dedicated recording hard drive but if you only have the one HDD, select that one and, if you haven't already, create a recording folder.

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You then want to click on the black circle next to your folder which you have selected. You want to put in 2000 MB in the correct place and click OK. This sees how quick your HDD can record at. You want a minimum of 80mb/s and a max of 120Mb/s. If your under it, your probably on a laptop, and you might want to look at getting a new HDD as recording will not be smooth.
If your over 120MB/s, you can put it lower as it will affect the file size of the recorded file.
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Setting up the recording settings
So this is where it gets a bit tricky.

You want to first download a file call Lagrith Lossless Codec. This will enable the file size to be small but the quality to be high. Without this, your recording will be laggy.
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Once downloaded and installed, you want to then click the dropdown menu in the middle of the Dxtory screen and select Lagrith Lossess Codec.
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Advanced users!
If you know how many cores/threads your CPU has, then you can do this, if not, it don't matter.

You want to click on the pen in the middle of the screen and click use multi threading. If you have a quad core or above, you want to check this box. It enables you to encode/decode the video quicker by using more cores. I have an 8 core CPU so of-course im going to check this box. If you have a dual core[Laptop], its best to leave this unchecked.

To the right of that, you want to select your frame-rate of which you want to record at. I set it at 60FPS but if your PC cant handle it, put it down to 30.

Setting up the recording of the sound

In the sound tab, you want to click on the number 1.

If you want to record your in-game sound and your microphone, then do both number 1 & 2, if not, only do one of them. Number 1 will be my in-game sound and number 2 is my microphone.

In the drop down menu, click on your headset/defult sound device.
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You then want to click on number 2 and select your microphone by doing the same process as number one.

Advanced tab
The advanced tab is somewhere where you don't want to mess around in. But if your feeling confident, you can change a few settings here and there for better recording.

Forced CPU processing: When you record, most of the work is done by your GPU. By checking this box, you can shift some of the work load to the CPU which allows for better recording. If you have a strong CPU, i5 quad core/ AMD 4/6 core+ then you can check this box. It does have a big impact on your CPU.

Processing threads: encoding your video, you can choose the amount of threads that Dxtory is allowed to use. Again, I have an 8 core CPU which means I have 8 threads. I choose to allow Dxtory to use 6 of them cores to process the video. It leaves 2 cores for the game and other background tasks.

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End note

I know there is a lot of writing here. I've tried to make it easier to understand by using pictures. If your still stuck on something or don't get something, send me a PM or reply below and I will help you out.


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Thank you. I could only record about 12min in 1080P 60FPS and it was eating GB's by the second. Thanks to the tutorial I now can have smaller video sizes (not gigabytes) and make them longer.


Really good tutorial, very informative and I think a lot of people will benefit from it.


This is actually something that i had a little trouble with myself, thanks for clarifying and i'm sure it will help out a lot of members