The Tech Game: September 2016

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered launch trailer Released293,5024.5
Call of Duty: World at War runs better on Xbox One via backward compatibility285,1634.6
Xbox One S jump-starts Microsoft UK console sales by 1000%151,2724.3
No Man’s Sky rapidly losing players, Investigated for false advertising253,5604.6
PlayStation Plus Lineup Announced For October 2016101,1234.6
Microsoft Takes Down Nintendo 64 Emulator from Xbox One Store202,9924.4
Xbox Live deals: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, GTA 5, NHL 17, more141,5964.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC mod tools now in open beta132,3594.7
Modern Warfare Remastered brings back original MP announcer, and more222,0324.7
Gears of War 4 pre-load live now on Xbox One, PC coming later76904.5
Battlefield 1: The campaign story trailer is live.201,8804.7
GTA Online: Bikers DLC coming in October182,0244.6
Call of Duty: World at War is now backwards compatible on Xbox One294,0324.5
Windows 10 is now installed on over 400 million devices252,5274.6
Microsoft 'surprised' at PS4 Pro's lack of 4K Blu-ray drive231,9154.8
Forza Horizon and All of Its DLC Being Removed From Sale on October 20171,5164.8
Microsoft: We Announced Scorpio In Advance To Give “People That Option”161,5664.6
Nintendo 64 Emulator Live and Available to Download on Xbox One215,5554.4
Battlefield 1 Trial Begins on October 13th211,7914.8
Report: Sony Has Started PS4 Pro Production131,7144.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Schedule for PS4 & Xbox One282,9884.6
Nintendo NX Production Begins, 10 Million Units Expected Annually141,0304.4
Microsoft On 4K Blu Ray Playback: Still Room For Physical Media68254.3
Google or Verizon might buy Twitter182,4854.6
Yahoo reveals massive data breach of over 500 million accounts252,1884.4
Call of Duty 3 arrives on Xbox One backward compatibility today342,7024.4
FIFA 17 Now Available Early on EA/Origin Access111,4964.6
Burnout Paradise Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Still in the Works108124.6
Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Game Arrives101,2734.6
Rocket League Goes Under the Sea With AquaDome Update in October131,3404.7
Microsoft: PS4 Pro’s 4.2 TFLOPs Not Enough To Do “True” 4K Gaming151,8294.5
Forza Horizon 3 Available Now for PC Pre-Load131,1334.7
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare video gives you an overview of the MP232,3564.3
Analyst Michael Pachter says PC gamers are like arrogant racists261,9344.6
Xbox’s Games With Gold for October: The Escapists, I Am Alive and More151,5254.3
Pokemon CEO confirms Nintendo NX is a home-handheld console hybrid108214.3
Microsoft announces the new Xbox One S Minecraft Favourites bundle126584.4
Gears of War 4 will have split-screen co-op for PC92,3714.4
FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Web App is Live101,8054.6
Tekken 7 trailer shows new characters in action131,2234.7
GTA 5 Online: Bikers DLC finally confirmed151,4704.5
Xbox One Update Improves Frame Rate of Backwards Compatible Games121,6444.5
Devil Daggers highlights new Humble Bundle108594.6
Battlefield 1 PC Requirements Revealed252,2854.5
Some iPhone 7 owners are reporting hissing noises293,5544.5
PS4 Pro Is Targeted Towards ‘Knowledgeable’ Players – Sony121,4934.6
Gears of War 4 Launch Trailer Sees Marcus Fenix in Action121,0594.7
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare BETA starts October 21 on Xbox One302,9494.5
Xbox One Games Launching Post-Scorpio Will Natively Render At 4K121,5864.8
Nintendo NX is ‘Reboot’ For Nintendo, Hardware Specifications Leaked89494.7
Modern Warfare Remastered Will be Offered as Standalone Game479,5584.2
Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour Reaches 3 Million Downloads121,1954.5
Splosion Man Is Currently Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers81,0204.5
Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Video Returns to the Mall161,5094.6
Sony: PS4 Pro Using The Term “4K Gaming” Is Not Misleading111,0944.6
Two UK men charged in relation to videogame betting101,6544.4
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare New Story Trailer Released211,6574.6
Xbox’s Play Anywhere launches with ReCore139644.4
13.2 million of you tried the Battlefield 1 open beta201,5464.5
There are now 250 Xbox 360 titles playable on Xbox One162,0804.6
Nintendo NX Will Be ‘Dead In The Water’ If It Costs $399 – Analyst151,0774.4
The Crew is now free on PC182,2454.6
Conor McGregor Will Appear in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare272,3614.5
All 'Battlefield 4' DLC Expansions Are Currently Free On Xbox One/PS4222,4144.6
Grab the Forza Horizon 3 demo now for Xbox One121,3244.5
No Man’s Sky was August’s top download on the PlayStation Store111,0014.2
Pokémon Go still most profitable mobile game despite 79% less paying232,3554.6
PS4 Pro version of Resident Evil 7 coming with scares in 4K and HDR108764.4
PS5 May Arrive In 2nd Half of 2018, Nintendo NX October – Analyst215,2384.5
Microsoft taunts Sony over PS4 Pro384,7224.5
Sony feels the PC is PS4’s main competition not Xbox One181,7304.5
Microsoft adds five games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility203,9024.3
PS4 Pro: every new and forward compatible game confirmed so far121,9864.6
Forza Horizon 3 demo release date spotted182,0794.2
Super Mario Run Will Reach 1 Billion Downloads Easily, Analyst Says171,4294.4
Microsoft – Xbox Scorpio has an “obvious power advantage” over PS4 Pro151,7914.7
Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 again in August131,3134.4
Xbox Live is faster and more reliable than PSN, Microsoft says242,0824.5
Xbox One Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro, How do they compare so far213,6684.7
PS4 Pro Specs & Official Images Revealed132,0384.5
All PS4 systems will gain HDR support via firmware update101,1574.5
PS4 Pro will not include 4K Blu Ray support109534.6
PlayStation 4 Neo finally revealed to the world as PlayStation 4 Pro121,7724.7
Sony officially reveals the PlayStation 4 Slim78524.5
Apple reveals the new water-resistant iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus233,6074.5
Apple Watch Series 2 Announced, Waterproof built-in GPS and More121,4774.6
Nintendo finally brings Mario to smartphones, coming to iOS121,3684.6
Modern Warfare Remastered vs Original Multiplayer Graphics Comparison254,4794.7
FIFA 17 demo release date revealed111,7504.7
PlayStation VR will come with a disc of eight demos126954.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC now available on PS4151,1604.6
This week's North American PlayStation Store sale95284.5
Xbox Live deals with Gold: Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, and more111,0944.3
Three more backwards compatible games added on Xbox One131,4994.5
Sony is “aggressively” getting into mobile, praises Pokemon GO131,1414.4
Nintendo may bring back cartridges for new NX console139814.7
Future free updates coming to No Man's Sky141,7814.4
Mafia 3 free content details revealed142,3054.4
Battlefield 1 Beta update and stress test152,2844.6
Rumor: Red Dead Redemption remaster to be announced this week121,4634.4
EA Access and Origin Access will not allow early entry to Titanfall 287404.4
Forza Horizon 3 File Size Revealed For Xbox One & Windows 10156,8764.6
New Xbox One Preview build brings fixes and improvements79614.4
The Walking Dead Season 3 begins this November56554.4
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Includes Conor McGregor In-Game Gestures131,9034.4
New Halo Wars 2 Gameplay Footage Arrives111,1874.5
Halo Wars 2 Will Have a Mode that Is “a New Way to Play a RTS”75234.6
Pokemon Go receiving 'Buddy Pokemon'202,0684.8
Additional surprises in the December Modern Warfare Remastered update193,4764.4
The menus in Modern Warfare Remastered have been redesigned245,2594.8
The 10 multiplayer maps coming to Modern Warfare Remastered at launch121,6654.6
Raven Software would make a modern-era game if they are a lead developer111,2624.6
Infinite Warfare MP includes classic guns from past Call of Duty games212,6994.4
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will not have Theater Mode121,2004.6
New Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered screenshots192,2594.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare new Weapon Crafting feature141,5984.7
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 6 Combat Rigs revealed121,8774.5
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer features a gesture system112,2994.7
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer game modes announced121,2664.7
Five Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer maps revealed76734.4
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer reveal trailer242,3754.3
Modern Warfare Remastered getting all 16 multiplayer maps181,3034.3
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta begins October 14th111,4674.5
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered leaked gameplay196,0014.6
Report: Nintendo NX might not feature region locking74594.5
Gears of War 4: Horde Mode 3.0 Details Revealed121,4574.5
Overwatch is free to play on PS4 and Xbox One next weekend118954.4
Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle now available for $299121,4354.5

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