The Tech Game: December 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC officially announced9014,6624.5
Xbox One Software Development Kit Leaked on Twitter With Documentation10379,7804.6
Xbox Live founder leaves Microsoft7112,2424.7
Xbox versions of Terraria currently 40 percent off365,1594.5
Destiny's Xur has an extended stay in the Tower this week327,6264.6
PlayStation Network back online, service restored486,6784.6
Halo 5 kicks off multiplayer beta today7010,2804.6
Assassin's Creed prices cut during Xbox Live sale384,0154.3
Xbox Live Status Is ‘Limited,’ Xbox One Down For Some, EA Servers479,6524.8
Rockstar extends GTA Online's Christmas gift due to XBL, PSN outage6812,4644.7
limited Xbox Live service, PlayStation Network still down599,7754.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare new playlist and double XP609,1134.6
Kim Dotcom Makes Deal with LizardSquad to stop attacks towards Xbox Live and PSN11059,0934.6
Merry Christmas. Xbox LIVE and PSN are down thanks to Lizard Squad10020,3534.3
PlayStation US Store Holiday sale: Final week264,4964.6
Halo 4's Spartan Ops comes to Master Chief Collection355,3104.7
Xbox Deals with Gold: new round of deals revealed4810,9954.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies trailer released5910,9264.8
Xbox Games with Gold January: The Witcher 2, D4 go free316,3564.6
Nintendo is working on its next console, says Miyamoto6014,5294.5
PSN 12 Deals of Christmas sale: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare326,3784.6
Sony warns of potential PS4 shortages in Europe294,3604.5
Sony responds to PS4 20th Anniversary Edition sales exploit286,2354.6
New Xbox Deals with Gold discounts revealed305,5274.7
Halo: The Master Chief Collection getting Halo 3: ODST for free8113,2984.8
Member Review: Fractal Design Newton R3 600W Power Supply2814,0034.4
Far Cry 4 Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC release set for January 13245,0494.6
Xbox One new media apps launching this week436,7484.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare new video teases details on Exo Zombies356,8204.5
Xbox One preview members get early access to Halo 5 beta5810,6284.7
New Xbox Deals with Gold daily discounts revealed306,4524.5
GTA V PS3 and 360 will be supported with DLC 'for as long as possible'406,2924.8
Trailer: Minecraft console update adds horses, witches and 22 items417,1394.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare new patch now live on Xbox One and PS4214,5814.6
GTA Online Festive Surprise now live499,0554.6
SSX free for Gold members on Xbox 360428,3214.6
Killer Instinct trailer shows Riptor in action243,4664.7
Tetris Ultimate now available on PS4 and Xbox One274,6624.6
Halo: The Master Chief Collection new matchmaking and roster fixes264,7234.7
Assassin's Creed Unity patch 4 released334,4154.7
Destiny Hot Fix Makes Tweaks To Raid Gear, Pocket Infinity194,0744.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Gets Its First Batch of Micro-DLC375,9324.7
Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Revealed, Trailer and Screenshots529,9394.6
Xbox Deals with Gold Countdown to 2015 sale launches335,4914.5
Microsoft to reveal its plans for 'gaming on Windows' in January4013,4154.5
Assassin's Creed Unity season pass owners can now redeem a free game499,9334.5
PlayStation Plus free games totaled more than $1,300518,4684.6
Xbox app screenshots for Windows 10 leaked online3613,1084.6
GTA 5 Heist DLC Feature list Leaked, 6 Heist Missions, New Vehicles6937,7884.2
GTA 5 Heists coming on 23 December: Holiday DLC leak439,3734.7
Report: Call of Duty retail sales fall for third straight year9814,4334.6
Report: Steam to host annual Holiday Sale on December 185716,0634.7
Just Cause 3: New screenshots arrive385,7934.4
Xbox One dashboard with transparent tiles spotted7212,8934.6
Scrolls shuffles out of beta, cuts price to $52412,6364.6
Microsoft unearths a Windows Phone version of Minecraft4512,4464.7
Xbox One leads consoles, Call of Duty tops software488,1974.6
Microsoft: You can now buy Xbox credit with Bitcoin429,5944.6
Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC weapons now available to Season Pass owners437,9824.5
Galaxy S6’s monster specs seemingly confirmed in new leak4310,1044.5
Twitch update on Xbox One adds detailed filtering features264,3594.7
SimCity 2000 free on Origin3613,1174.6
Tekken 7 60fps gameplay trailer released295,4834.5
This week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold498,0604.6
The Pirate Bay raided and taken offline6615,1114.6
Member Review: Apple Magic Mouse309,5364.6
Minecraft festive DLC pack coming to Xbox426,8724.6
Advanced Warfare future update to include System Hack tuning6011,9574.2
Destiny: New hot fix in preparation for DLC193,8264.7
Street Fighter 5 'built from the ground up for PlayStation'203,4804.4
PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta sign-ups are live, soldier173,4214.8
The Witcher 3 delayed to May 2015223,6704.6
Destiny progress will carry over to sequel, Bungie says254,2914.6
Battlefield Hardline: Single Player Story Trailer233,6754.6
Destiny Sparrow racing has been discussed, says Bungie172,9464.6
Sony reveals PS4 bundle with one game for $400181,9104.7
Halo Spartan Strike delayed due to Halo: MCC problems163,8434.7
PSN Taken Down In Major DDoS Attack By Lizard Squad516,9044.7
Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets another matchmaking patch254,3584.7
Xbox Live second outage this month, 'Lizard Squad' hints at more attacks9716,9064.5
'Massive progress' being made on Gears of War for Xbox One356,7714.6
Dying Light PC system requirements confirmed3815,2464.3
Dungeon Defenders II: PS4 exclusive in 2015304,7554.7
Kmart joins Target in taking GTA 5 off Australian store shelves628,8314.2
Report: Pokemon Omega/Alpha ships 7.7 million worldwide295,4104.8
Sky Go app now available on PS4173,3594.7
Destiny's The Dark Below DLC is lit up in launch trailer345,7884.5
BBC iPlayer app launches on Xbox One253,7504.6
Rumor: Halo 5: Guardians Beta size leaked194,6354.7
Street Fighter 5 announced, 'exclusively on PS4, PC'173,0394.7
Final Fantasy 13 gets 1080p support on Steam next week1911,8194.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch now live on PS4 and Xbox One326,7414.4
Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking patch due this week314,1094.7
This week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold detailed296,2144.5
Evolve trailer reveals two new monsters202,8784.8
Report: Super Smash Bros. Wii U error code bricking systems195,6414.4
Windows 10: Build 9888 reportedly leaked286,6694.7
Limited edition PS1-style PS4 console announced5410,7894.7
PS4 system update 2.03 released173,1524.6
Halo 5 Guardians - One hour of multiplayer beta footage273,4694.7
Destiny: The Dark Below PlayStation exclusive content detailed303,1934.7
Steam Broadcasting now in beta407,7194.7
The Crew day one patch detailed365,5354.5
Valve makes change to Steam game trading286,9474.5
Lizard Squad returns, takes down Xbox LIVE12924,3854.1
New Destiny patch 1.1 released284,7584.5

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