The Tech Game: November 2010

Kinect sales at 2.5 million82,2484.5
Reuters: Microsoft in talks to bring subscription TV, networks to Xbox Live63,0334.7
Kinect Hacked To Play Super Mario Bros.288,1414.7
Sega resets Sonic 4's leaderboards due to cheating112,5204.7
Activision will 'never' charge for Call of Duty multiplayer, Hirshberg says305,1354.6
Are apps coming to the Xbox 360?225,5704.6
Black Ops subscription still coming, analyst claims235,8814.2
Microsoft's Toulouse explains why swastikas are banned on Xbox Live5612,0934.3
“There will be a Halo movie,” says Microsoft’s Frank O’Connor226,0904.6
CoD: Black Ops Sales Drop Down 85%154,2704.6
Microsoft caught faking Japanese Kinect launch success125,4754.8
Team Xecuter successfully defeat latest Xbox 360 copy protection, new video show198,5174.7
Player in a rage over black ops perks *funny*6716,3954.7
Dev stands by his 2007 quote: Wii is a piece of SH*T!174,5714.6
Gran Turismo 5 leaked onto the internet11,9634.7
The time has cometh, Sony blocking PS3 jailbreakers from PSN32,2964.7
Leaked images of the PSP 2 dev kit22,6784.5
Kinect used to reconstruct a true 3D model of environment in real time83,0554.7
Call of Duty 4 Gets an Update146,4264.4
Call of Duty Creators Infinity Ward Have Been 'Reconstructed63,0424.7
Black Ops Double XP Weekend Announced & Free Gold Weekend73,8754.6
Not interested in a 360 Slim? How about this rare, 2005 launch model?305,9124.5
Black Ops sets 5-day record82,5204.6
DIY Kinect TV stand uses $10 worth of materials95,0294.6
1 million Kinects sold wordwide92,2604.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops' Nuketown multiplayer map holds many secrets2111,2334.7
Bobby Kotick sticks up for Treyarch says it doesn’t get the credit it deserves102,8174.4
Microsoft have "no plans" for a new Xbox right now93,1414.7
New rebooter "fbBuild 0.1" released to bring JTAG's Back online4414,0254.2
Activision: Black Ops sells 5.6m in day one, beats MW2152,8744.5
Why your Xbox won’t shut down when it’s told to74,9194.4
Activision hands out 'free' Black Ops gear for female Xbox Live Avatars116,6374.9
Sledgehammer’s COD may contain marines in space, says source205,3454.7
Analyst: Premium COD content announcement next year164,1164.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops- 15th Prestige Lobby + Challenges Video Proof10894,4313.7
Call of duty - Black ops 15th Prestige XP Hack58178,7893.1
Target discounting one-year Xbox Live cards with CoD: Black Ops purchase154,5344.6
Microsoft's Kinect contract permits them to spy on you6014,1234.4
Hackers defeat latest MS game protection with new exploit187,5844.1
Xbox 360 'start disc' boot-up setting to be fixed in future update115,1004.7
Autumn 360 dashboard update out now244,7524.2
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Launch Trailer not long to go!203,2304.6

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