Analyst: Premium COD content announcement next year

Wedbush’s Michael Pachter has given up hopes of Activision announcing a premium multiplayer content scheme for its Call of Duty franchise in 2010. Not giving up the idea, he believes such subscription services will take “several more months to materialise.”

The analyst previously predicted that the publishing giant would be implementing additional fees for “tournaments, ladders, virtual items, etc, and offer up a monthly all-inclusive charge for those who prefer all-you-can-eat, while maintaining rudimentary multiplayer for free.”

Activision has kept quiet, though Wedbush still expects it to happen; “We expect Activision to announce plans to monetise multiplayer online some time in 2011,” Pachter’s told investors, “and expect greater visibility into the release schedule throughout the year.”



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i love this game so much.


What's the point of paying a fee to get new clothe's. facepaint, etc. It's not like that's going to help anyone's skill or help improve your K/D


im f****** done with this game when this comes out... thats BS


I cant really moan as Ive got a chipped 360 and have got the game for free but im already paying for xbox live and i cba paying just for black ops because activision are being greedy like usual -.-


Read it, its basically like gold on TTG. You pay for it and you get some knid of features for the game. You don't pay, you don't get the features


I will bet that this premium subscription will end up as a 99.9% failure.


Alright something terrible 'bout to happen soon


C-C-C-Combo Breaker


looks like ima go back to halo or maybe even switch to ps3


wow, they already make enough already! **** activison!