Player in a rage over black ops perks *funny*

Competitive games can be quite stressful when things don't go your way, Black Ops is certainly no exception, as this player shows us -- I guess Perks just aren't his thing, huh? For a great laugh, check out the read more for the youtube video



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isn't it funny how he says the guy is using ugly ass tiger camo, but yet he is using it too on his AK47?


Thats what i get like when i get killed by a SECOND CHANCE NOOB. second chance is a pathetic perk and needs to be off the game...only noobs use second chance :P


You think that's funny, go watch his MW2 videos in the god-awful la-z-boy. Bossin his wife around like he's friggin tommy noble. bossanova.


LOL! "those are my demands... Fulfill them please."


He needs to take a break from that game!


Haha last 3 seconds goes cool calm and collected those are my demands fulfil the pleas


I had that shit happen to me before im on the balcony with a gal the one next to the rocket that launches ,I was trying to defend b in dom im on the very top floor I shoot guy by the barrels
He hits me in the head I may add from there on
his back well wounded from behind cover

And the hit detection is really flawed I dont know much about guns but a famas from point blank would kill you afte being hit 17 times ..


When I rage like that I just get off of Xbox for a while and go hang out with some friends...After I invite the kid who pissed me off to the party and yell at him! lol


TTG_DaleUK Well no wonder he's mad, it is true...

He's right about a few things. (RC car, etc.)

He's wrong about the pistol thing.
For one, an AK-47 is chambered for 7.62x39 rounds.
It terribly inaccurate, despite its inherently high stopping power.
His pistol was an M1911, which is chambered in .45 ACP.
It's highly accurate, and packs a low enough amount of stopping power to cause hydrostatic shock.
This, combined with normal bullet penetration, could kill you instantly.

Second, That's not 97 yards.
At all.
He's an idiot to think it is.
Maybe 30-40 yards, max.

Dumb people make me rage.
nice wikipedia search dawn hehe :)
also the AK47 can be chambered by 7.62x41mm rounds witch is most likely the rounds being used in this form of AK47 also notice how he isn't actually shooting at him where hes downed but where he stood and finally the m1911 is an 1979 upgraded barrel alowwing it to fire the new 45 WA or webley auto designed in 1981 by webley firearms just a bit of old school knowledge on weapons systems


This is another funny video by him that is a response to the one originally posted.