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Description: Attempted murder - you need 1880 experience points. Assign officers with speed and negotiation for this call. You can...
Views: 255
Description: Attempted Carjacking - you need 1735 experience points for this call. Send a police officer with high...
Views: 488
Description: You start the day by receiving information that your cook has left. For the next few days you will have to choose meals...
Views: 175
Description: Before starting the game, you will have to assign officers to the investigation They need to have enough Intelligence...
Views: 271
Description: Cheats All cars and tracks At the main menu, hold Select and press L1, Left, L2, Right, L2, Left, L1(2). School...
Views: 150
Description: Hints Take Control Of Guards To take control of a guard you must stay in a place were they cant see you. Not in the...
Views: 739
Description: Cheats Unlock All Tracks Enter "ALLTRACK" as a driver name. Press Triangle to exit the option, then re- enter that...
Views: 75
Description: Hints Get Free Cars! After you win the win the last tortament, when you go back to check your cars, go see the cars...
Views: 196
Description: Hints Completing The Game You must play the game on the "Hard" difficulty setting to completely finish the...
Views: 74
Description: Hints Different Color Put on invincibility code, then go find a Greeter. Walk through his motion detector and he will...
Views: 138