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This is the Police 2; November 24 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: This is the Police 2; November 24 Walkthrough  

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Before starting the game, you will have to assign officers to the investigation They need to have enough Intelligence points to discover new clues. Depending on the number of officers working the shift, remember to leave six officers available (the rest should be assigned to the investigation).

    Attempted burglary - you need 405 experience points. The best approach is to send an officer with stealth so that he can sneak up to the suspect. In the event of failure, you will need someone with speed or negotiations. As a last resort, you can ram the suspect.

    Code I: Theft - this is an investigation related to the theft of court documents. You can assign any officer you like to it.

    Hit&run - you need 880 experience points for this call. Send officers with stealth to the area.

    Robbery - you need 630 experience points. You should send an officer with negotiation skills. Alternatively, you can use a flashbang grenade.

    Public indecency - you need 340 experience points. You don't have to send any particular officers to this call. It's enough if you simply let him finish.

At the end of the day hire strong, and what's more important, loyal officers. The following day will require answering standard calls as well as completing a tactical mission.


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Ty this is 2 days before my bday