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Perfect Dark - Perfect Agent

Tutorial Name: Perfect Dark - Perfect Agent  

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Complete the Solo Missions on Perfect Agent.

Complete the single player story on Perfect Agent difficulty (Hard)

Perfect Dark\'s Single player campaign consists of 17 levels. They start off pretty easy but get hard towards the end. If you played through on easier difficulties first you will notice that there are new objectives, much fewer shields and different weapon pickups, as well as the substantial increase in AI accuracy.

There are no checkpoints on Perfect Dark\'s levels, nor do you have COD/Halo style health regeneration, meaning you have to do the whole level with your health meter. Stealth and duck and cover is a major part of the gameplay here, you will find yourself popping in and out of cover repeatedly taking a shot or two each time.

Tips for All difficulties:

+ Always aim for the head. While enemies die with a few shots, headshots are an instant kill (if an enemy doesn't have a shield) and will help to preserve ammo.
+ Always look for a shield, if you find one in previous playthroughs on Agent check to see if it is there on Perfect Agent.

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