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How to remove family settings/parental controls on Xbox 360

Tutorial Name: How to remove family settings/parental controls on Xbox 360  

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I'll start off by dropping a link to a tutorial showing & explaining the official way of resetting family settings. This works for unmodded and modded 360 consoles and is most certainly the safest way. I suggest using this method:

The next method only applies to modded 360s.

- Windows computer
- Your console's nand
- Your console's cpukey
- Jrunner
- A way to move your nand file back and forth from the console to pc and vice versa [USB/FTP].

Steps 1-9:

1) To be safe, start by making a backup of your current nand. The easiest way is to use Simple nand flasher, run its xex and make sure to DUMP/BACKUP your nand. Once dumping is complete you can exit simple nand flasher.
2) Copy flashdmp.bin and paste it onto your computer. Flashdmp should be in your simple nand flasher folder.
3) Open Jrunner Load Source, Load your flashdmp.bin file. This should load in your console's cpukey as well.
4) Under the XeBuild group box and Options tab, hit Advanced XeBuild Options. Next, you want to tick the option that says nomobile. Afterwards, hit OK.
5) Go back to the Home tab under XeBuild. Confirm the exploit being used is correct. Jrunner normally auto selects the correct one for you when you load in flashdmp. Also have the latest kernel 17559 selected.
6) Create XeBuild. Once the nand is rebuilt you should see XeBuild Finished. Have a nice day. At this point you want to copy your rebuilt nand back into the Simple nand flasher folder on your console. So hit "Show working folder" and that will open a folder to where your rebuilt nand is "updflash.bin"
7) Move updflash into the simple nand flasher folder on your console & run the flasher. This time you're FLASHING/WRITING the nand so follow the on screen instructions to do that.
8) When the flashing is complete, Simple nand flasher will auto-reboot your console but I suggest powering down and replugging your power cable when the nand write completes to be sure the nand was overwritten.
9) Boot up the console and you should be in its initial setup if you did everything correctly. Parental controls/family settings are now removed.


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