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Darkest of Days Achievement Guide [XBOX 360]

Tutorial Name: Darkest of Days Achievement Guide [XBOX 360]  

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Complete Civil War 25G
There are six mission involving the civil war time frame. The list of mission are as follows.

    Night Moves
    A Harvest of Carnage
    Battle for the Holy Ground
    Hide and Seek
    A Burnsides too Far
    A Rebel Yell

Complete WW1 25G
There are five mission involving the World War 1 time frame. The list of mission are as follows.

    Germans on Run
    Onward to Frankenau
    Stairway to Petrovich
    Eye of the Competition
    Been Here Before

Complete WW2 25G
There are three missions in the World War Two campaign. They are back to back. Meaning when one mission ends the other mission begins right away. You do not go to the briefing room between missions. After completing these missions you should have 40+ upgrade points. See Pistol Upgrade for information on that.

    The Thin Red Dot
    The Gauntlet
    Make Your Escape

Secret Mission 75G
This is the last achievement in this game. Once you complete the mission in Pompeii, you will be brought back to the briefing room. Once here someone will appear and have a conversion with Dr. Koell. During this conversation, make your way to the wooden door located behind the guy talking to Dr. Koell. Walk up to the door and press and hold Y. A blue bar will now fill up. Once the conversation is over, the secret mission will start. Once you gain control of your character, make sure you put the difficulty back to easy to make this a little easier. All you have to do is defend the Development Team. After about three or four waves, you'll be asked to go to the cemetery. Look at all the crosses. Once you looked at all of them about 5-6 enemy troops will ambush you. Kill them all and the achievement will unlock.

Complete Darkest of Days 100G
Please see the achievement With Chest Hair for more information. The difficulty achievements are stackable, so feel free to start on the highest difficulty if you want to minimize the amount of time that you have to play the game.

With Chest Hair 200G
From the games main menu go to Settings. Once you're in the settings menu, you will see Game Difficulty on the top left hand side. Highlight it and press A. Press DownDPAD to choose "With Chest Hair". Once it's highlighted, press A to confirm your choice. Go all the way down and highlight Accept and once again press A to confirm. This will bring you back to the main menu. Highlight New Game and press A. All you have to do from here in complete the game on this difficulty. Good luck!

Alternative Method
Play through the game on Easy and get the majority of the achievements in the game. You should have 3 achievements left by the time you come to the last level"The Vesuvian Man". Progress through this level like you normally would. After speaking to Dr. Koell, he will step into a blue orb and transport to the arena. On your way to the arena, you'll have to disable more enemy telesyncs. After killing a lot of enemies, you'll be given the objective "Secure Dr. Koell". Follow the marker. Once you're about 30 or so meters away, press Start and go to settings. Highlight game difficulty and set it to "With Chest Hair". Next, highlight accept and press A to confirm. Once at the loading screen you get this achievement along with Complete Darkest of Days!

Pistol Upgrade 100G
It is impossible to fully upgrade the pistol and riffle in one play-through. Each weapon will need 40 points to fully upgrade it. Wait till you have 40+ total upgrade points, then go to the upgrade table. Purchase all upgrades for the pistol and click OK. Once you do, the achievement will unlock. Reload your save and do the same for the rifle.

Rifle Upgrade 100G
See Pistol Upgrade.

Horse Puncher 100G
This can be done on the very first playable level "Little Big Horn" where you have to kill the Indians. Right after the second save point, where you pull your six shooter out, there will be five or six Indians on horse back coming right at you. Just pick one and press RB to melee the horse.

You cannot melee a dead or friendly horse and have it count for this achievement. Also, you do not have to melee a horse in the face. I hit a horse on its right side and the achievement popped.

Ghandi Award 100G
This achievement is best done on the first civil war mission "Night Moves". Keep moving from checkpoint to checkpoint without killing anyone with any firearms or rifles. Press DownDPAD to equip the chasers. When ever you see any enemies with a blue aura press the RT to release the chasers. When you see that your chasers are on a enemy with blue aura press LT to detonate your chasers. You are limited to how many chaser balls you have. Once they are all gone your character will switch back to his sidearm or rifle. Make sure you do not fire any bullets. However, you can pistol whip enemies. Complete this mission with just using your chasers and the achievement will pop at the end of the mission. One thing to keep in mind, use the LB to sprint often.

Rage Fists 100G
Once you begin a level press DownDPAD to equip the chasers. Once you see a enemy, press RB to preform a melee attack. As the achievement description says, you must kill twenty-five enemies this way. It should take you no longer then five minutes or so if you are solely going for this achievement. On easy difficulty its basically one hit with your fist will kill the enemy, making this an easy 100G. A good level to get this achievement on is the civil war mission "A Harvest of Carnage".

Bomb Technician 25G
You can do this on the World War One mission, "Germans on Run". This mission is available right after the tutorial level. Right at the start of the level you will see crates on the left side. There are frags right on top of those crates. Walk up to it to pick up the frags. Toss a frag on the floor in front of you with B and walk up to it. Wait a few seconds for it to explode. If you die, the achievement will unlock.

Tethered Swimming 25G
This can be done on the World War One mission "Germans on Run". There is a river you will come across during one of your objectives - right near the end of the level. Run into the water and keep walking in the water. You will find a spot where you can completely submerge in the water. Right after you die it will unlock.

Additionally, during the objective "Keep up with Petrovich" you will come come across a mill. There is a small river that runs alongside of the mill. At the base of the water wheel there is a spot for you to completely emerge yourself under water.


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