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Description: Melancholy of the Eldest23 (15) Choose to stay in Gilverado with Rosa. Xbox 360 / Arcade To get this...
Views: 31
Description: Complete Level 1 (10) Make it all the way through level 1. Earn this in the Scramble Walkthrough All you need to...
Views: 24
Description: The Adept 20 GS Execute a Gyro Chain. In order to execute a Gyro Chain, you must reach a chain level 5 and...
Views: 38
Description: Lucky Three 15 GS Rolled Triples Play in speed die mode, you must roll either a 333, 222, 111. Just keep...
Views: 33
Description: Nation's Star (20) Complete 50% of the gigs in Career This is unlocked after completing the 6th Venue, La Luz De...
Views: 22
Description: Glimmer (10) Earn 111 Stars in Career In order to get this one just put the career on beginner and set the mic up...
Views: 19
Description: The Long Road Ahead (30) Complete Career on any difficulty with any instrument All you have to do is just play...
Views: 23
Description: Fruit Smoothie (5) Complete Fruit Smoothie in adventure mode. Very first section just complete the 4-5 levels for...
Views: 26
Description: Brick Invaders (10) Complete Brick Invaders in adventure mode. Pass the 4 stages of the Brick Invaders mini game by...
Views: 32
Description: First Medal (5) Win a medal by completing a task. Go into quick play mode and pick the first level of Fruit...
Views: 12