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Description: In Blood of the Dead, kill the max number of zombies with Hell's Redeemer before it starts to return. Hell's...
Views: 207
Description: This is pretty simple to do. First get the Blundergat. This can be obtained in one of 2 ways. 1) From the weapon...
Views: 219
Description: To get this achievement, you need to build the shield and use the shield blast (RT) on a downed teammate. The...
Views: 211
Description: This is for the map voyage of despair. This is a fairly straight forward achievement, Progress to the other side of...
Views: 139
Description: You must get this achievement while playing with at least one other person, as your personal score in solo does not...
Views: 172
Description: Map : IX Weapon : Shotgun at top of Danu & ICR Staff : Sceptre Of Ra Perks : Danu, Speed Cola, Secret Sauce,...
Views: 147
Description: In Zombie Rush, get your score multiplier up to 100 For this achievement you will need to play the new zombies game...
Views: 127
Description: The Kraken is a weapon that can only be obtained from the mystery box to my knowledge. To get this achievement, you...
Views: 191
Description: There are two locations where you can swim underwater in this map. For both you will need to grap the artifact at the...
Views: 123
Description: Cargo Hold is one of the two locations in the map that is filled with water, you can drain the water as on the right...
Views: 156