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Perfect Dark - dataDyne Specialist

Tutorial Name: Perfect Dark - dataDyne Specialist  

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Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons.

There are 11 dataDyne weapons you need:

- DY357 Magnum: First obtainable on mission 1.3- take out the first 5 guards without being seen. The 5th guard drops one. Alternatively, the FBI guys wearing trenchcoats in mission 3.1 all carry

- DY357s (NOT the civilian guys that put their hands up when they see you with a gun, though they look similar)

- DY357-LX Magnum: Disarm Trent Easton on mission 5.3 (he\'s in the cave with the real president)

- CMP150: Can be found on the first guard you come across.

- Dragon: First obtainable on mission 1.2 near the terminal you need to hack to proceed

- K7 Avenger: Can be found in the firing range on mission 1.2

- SuperDragon: Can be found on a few enemies in mission 4.2, though easier to find on mission 4.3

- Shotgun: Cassandra\'s bodyguards in mission 1.3 all have shotguns

- Devastator: Destroy the boxes on the helipad in mission 2.1 and you\'ll find one inside the box.

- Rocket Launcher: As you head to the roof in mission 1.3, you\'ll find one on a pedestal with a guard and two scientists standing around it

- Combat Knife: You\'ll start with one on mission 8

Kills made during Combat Challenges appear to count as well.

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