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Godfather 2 - All Weapon Upgrade Locations

Tutorial Name: Godfather 2 - All Weapon Upgrade Locations  

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Lets face it, the level 1 weapons are pretty bad. So why use them when you can go out and get the upgrades? Here's how you can find them

Automatic Weapons

Level 1 - Tommy Gun: Already available.

Level 2 - MP38: Granados Compound, Florida. Search the second floor.

Level 3 - Modified AK-47: Battaglia Masonry, Cuba. When you enter a certain room, turn left to find a ladder leading underground. Follow the tunnel.


Level 1 - .357 Magnum: Already available.

Level 2 - .44 Magnum Force: When attacking Carmine Rosato's Compound in New York, go upstairs in the tiny foyer before approaching Carmine. The Magnum is clearly visible on a desk

Level 3 - .501 Magnum Enforcer: Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop, Cuba. Look at the map to find the lighthouse, and go there.


Level 1 - Pistol: Already available.

Level 2 - Silenced Pistol: Ryan Roth mission, Florida. Found during the mission where he sends you to rescue one of his soldiers.

Level 3 - Delta M1911 silenced : Mangano's Compound, Florida. Search the second floor.


Level 1 - Sniper Rifle: Already available.

Level 2 - Spitzer Centerfire: Emilio's packing company, Florida. It is located on the rooftop; an engineer is required to cut the fence.

Level 3 - Vintovka SR-98: Almeida Compound, Cuba. On the second floor on a desk.


Level 1 - Shotgun: Already available.

Level 2 - Sawed-off: Corleone's Compound, New York. As soon as you leave the compound through the main gate, go straight forward, and turn left. There is a hedge that can be burned with an arsonist. The shotgun is behind there.

Level 3 - Schofield Semi-auto: Global Storage Chop Shop, Florida. On the right side of the island, inside the small warehouse.

There you have it, all the upgraded weapon locations!!


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