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MW-HWID Ban: Change UUID and Serial of AMI BIOS Motherboard

Tutorial Name: MW-HWID Ban: Change UUID and Serial of AMI BIOS Motherboard  

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Submitted By: Skidcar

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This tutorial is for Modern Warfare

NOTE: I do NOT take credit for this tutorial. This was sent to me by a friend of another community.

I posted this here, due to HWID bans happening on Modern Warfare.
Staff feel free to move it to a different section if you desire.

Let me start off by saying follow this tutorial at your own risk. There are programs that can become unusable if they are somehow linked to your SMBIOS data.
Most importantly, your windows activation could deactivate. If you don't have a problem with that, then feel free to continue with the tutorial.

What you'll need:

    Windows 10 (I don't know if it works on any other versions of windows)
    AMIDEWINx64 by AMI [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
    DSEFix by hfiref0x (Open Source): [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
    Disable Windows Signature Enforcement

Side note:
The version of amide provided is from AptioV. This version worked with my motherboard.
If it doesn't work for you, you'll have to find it from one of the other Aptio versions.

Step 1: Getting the files
Download both files provided. Again the password is my username.
Extract the zip file somewhere on your computer. I recommend putting it on your desktop.
Place the dsefix.exe into the same folder as everything else.

Step 2: Creating a batch file
At this point we need to create a windows batch file to get the driver loaded.
Open notepad and paste the following code inside of it.
Replace <dsefix.exe location> with the real location.
Replace <AMIFLDRV64.sys location> with the real location.
Press File->Save in notepad, choose All Files, save it as "Load.bat", and save it in the same location as everything else.

start <dsefix.exe location>
timeout /t 3
sc create AMIFLDRV64 binpath=<AMIFLDRV64.sys location> type=kernel
sc start AMIFLDRV64
timeout /t 6
start <dsefix.exe location> -e
timeout /t 3

For example on my computer it would look like this:

start C:\Users\Grin\Desktop\GRINX64\dsefix.exe
timeout /t 3
sc create AMIFLDRV64 binpath=C:\Users\Grin\Desktop\GRINX64\AMIFLDRV64.sys type=kernel
sc start AMIFLDRV64
timeout /t 6
start C:\Users\Grin\Desktop\GRINX64\dsefix.exe -e
timeout /t 3

Step 3: Disable driver signature enforcement
Restart windows with Driver Signature Enforcement disabled.

    1.Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click the Restart button.
    2.Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings and click the Restart button.
    3.When your computer restarts you'll see a list of options. Press F7 on your keyboard to select Disable driver signature enforcement.

After you finish the tutorial, just restart windows normally and driver signature enforcement will be enabled again.

Step 4: Loading the driver
At this point all you need to do is right-click the load file you created, and hit run as administrator.
A command window should open up showing dsefix loading the driver.
Keep an eye out for STATE. If it says Running then you now have the driver running in windows.
If you get any type of error, either your locations in the bat file are incorrect, or windows driver signature enforcement isn't disabled.
Google is your friend when it comes to errors, but feel free to comment and I'll try and help.

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Step 5: Changing the uuid and serial
Now that you have the driver running, you can use the program AMIDEWINx64.exe to change your uuid and serial.
Keep in mind that there is no UI included, it is all command line based. That being said, open cmd as administrator.
If you don't know how to do that, simply type cmd in the windows search bar, right-click cmd and hit run as administrator.
Change the location to the folder you have everything in. In my case it would be "C:\Users\Grin\Desktop\GRINX64"
Just type in cd <location> and hit enter, mine would be cd C:\Users\Grin\Desktop\GRINX64

* /SU  [16 Bytes]    Read/Write system UUID.
* /BS  ["String"]    Read/Write baseboard serial number.

* 16 Bytes            This parameter MUST be 32-digits hexadecimal value.
* String              NULL-Terminated ASCII string.

To get your current uuid, type: AMIDEWINx64.exe /SU
To get your current serial, type: AMIDEWINx64.exe /BS

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I recommend saving both of them to a text file, just in case you want to ever change them back.
You can also preform a full dump of everything, with /DUMPALL dump.txt
Once you have your current ids, simply change them to whatever you want.

To change your current uuid, type: AMIDEWINx64.exe /SU XXX (Replace XXX with the id)
To change your current serial, type: AMIDEWINx64.exe /BS XXX (Replace XXX with serial)

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Side Note:
The program will display your uuid and serial along with a lower case "h" at the end.
The lower case "h" stands for Hex Values, it is not included in the value, nor do you need to put it when changing the ids.
Your UUID will show something like this: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXh

Step 6: Disabling the driver
After you are finished changing your uuid and serial, it is a good idea to remove the driver from your computer.
Open CMD As Administrator once again, no need to change locations this time.
Type: sc stop AMIFLDRV64 (to stop the driver.)
Type: sc delete AMIFLDRV64 (to delete the driver.)

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There you go, now you know how to change the uuid and serial of an AMI BIOS motherboard.

Extra Info: Bypassing HWID ban
In this section I will explain what I did to bypass the HWID ban I received on my main account.
While doing research I saw a bunch of different methods and suggestions by people, but this is what worked for me.
I never found, nor took the time, to figure out what the anti-cheat actually logs in regards to your account.
People have said it logs: registry data in windows, unique ids connected to your motherboard, network interface controller, disk drives...etc.
Someone also said that that the game saves tracker files within the installations directory.
It might be a good idea to change the manufacturing serial number of all the disk drives you have installed. I was unable to find a way to do that.
That being said, I in no way shape or form, am claiming to be an expert on this subject,

Here is what I did in the exact order.

    Changed the MAC Address of my NIC.
    Called my ISP and requested them to change my IP Address. (This might not be required.)
    Changed the UUID and Serial of my motherboard. Follow the guide above.
    Completely erased 3 of the 4 disk drives installed in my pc. Yes, I deleted windows off the drive.
    Reinstalled windows onto a different drive than previously before. I did not buy a new ssd, I kept the 4 I already had.
    Installed Battle.net and Modern Warfare to a different driver than previously before.
    Created a new account on both Blizzard and Activision.

"I might have went a little over-kill, but you will need to wipe your windows drive and the drive where the game is installed.
It's that simple. Do not, for any reason, log into your banned account after following those steps.
If you do, the anti-cheat will log all of the new information, and your new account will be banned."


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Error: Fail to initialize SMBIOS.
d8 - Error: DMI Data read failed.


Thank you so much, it works fine! A little problem is that I can't use my UUID when I want to change it, but I have to write "AUTO" to generate one randomly.


getting bsod everytime i load the driver


not work for me man Windows Signature Enforcement not disable for me big scam


i did this and at first it works and my motherboard and bios have changed, but after a restart my pc the serials get reset back to the old. is there a way to stop this from happening? or do i have to just repeat the process every time i start my pc


do i have to do the windows delete part?


When loading the driver I'm getting: "Startservice: OpenService FAILED 1060: the specified service does not exist as an installed service"


baseboard "Default string" how to change using google useless


This worked great. The only thing that doesnt work for me is /SM , /BM , and /BMH


Seems legit and a little complicated in my end.
Has anyone tried this ? I was thinking of just changing my mobo and reinstalling windows in a new disk
Any info will be helpful thanks !