The Tech Game: November 2014

Xbox One outsells PlayStation 4 during Black Friday9512,4304.7
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ranked Play improvements announced366,5744.4
New Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch coming soon6211,7424.7
PlayStation Network Black Friday discounts started316,9274.4
New Halo: Master Chief Collection patch released357,5124.6
The iPhone 5C Could be Killed Off Next Year5310,9624.6
Which console would survive a 15 ft drop, Xbox One or PS4?9015,8644.6
Metal Gear Online to debut at The Game Awards next week214,6054.5
Far Cry 4 second patch released on Xbox One and Xbox 360217,2754.7
EA launches Origin Black Friday sale248,5074.5
Minecraft: Exclusive Star Wars DLC released for Xbox294,9754.3
PlayStation Plus free games for December revealed236,6714.4
Assassin's Creed Unity to get free DLC due to troubled launch305,0224.4
GTA Online: New stability patch released264,4214.6
Xbox Games with Gold for December revealed386,6774.5
Steam Exploration Sale puts hundreds of games on sale246,3454.6
Member Review: Razer Nabu3212,9164.3
CoD: Advanced Warfare 'Exo Zombies' arrives January314,8804.4
Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Official Trailer Shows Off New Exo234,1774.6
PlayStation co-op gaming sale discounts multiplayer games263,5974.5
Sony denies hacker group's infiltration into PSN323,3354.6
Report: Steam Fall Sale begins November 26245,9124.7
Halo 2: Anniversary Rumble playlist making a return to Halo: MCC273,4664.6
Far Cry 4 patch 1.02 released on PS4 and PS3183,8554.6
Minecraft: Pocket Edition update 0.10 gets major changes255,9244.5
Activision ordering the removal of Call of Duty glitch YouTube videos313,5394.6
CoD Advanced Warfare Xbox season pass owners to receive new guns early193,1704.6
Limbo released on Xbox One, free to early adopters203,6654.6
Xbox Black Friday Deals with Gold revealed193,4194.6
GTA 5 players report game breaking bugs, more issues after installing213,1494.7
Apple changes 'free' button to 'get'6214,0914.3
Destiny's Dark Below DLC trailer leaks387,0654.6
Far Cry 4 on PS3 fix: Delete everything265,8484.7
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch hits Xbox One and PS44510,5494.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 'is biggest entertainment launch of 2014446,2614.2
HBO Go app arrives on Xbox One243,4544.7
MS giving away free games, movies & more for Xbox One's first birthday6113,7214.6
Xbox One sales 'quickly catching up' to PS4, EA executive claims385,9404.6
Destiny's free trial transfers your characters to the full game173,1984.6
GTA Online patch fixes transfer issue for PS4204,4774.7
Destiny's 'reforged' Iron Banner is live173,3894.6
Ubisoft investigating Far Cry 4 crashes, data corruption153,9084.7
Final Fantasy XIV servers suffering DDoS attacks336,3344.7
The reason why you can’t change your PSN name7210,8824.1
Destiny update accidentally nerfs exotic weapons as IronBanner returns174,4544.7
Rockstar 'urgently investigating' GTA Online account transfer issues468,6474.4
Red Faction: Guerrilla now available through Xbox Live Games with Gold244,2954.6
Just Cause 3 won't have multiplayer at launch233,4064.7
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts Tomb Raider games172,6184.7
Halo Master Chief Collection matchmaking patch due on Wednesday223,2484.7
Team 17's Worms games going cheap on Humble Bundle227,4204.8
FIFA 15 'blocks PS4 Share Play feature'335,8864.6
Xbox exclusive Screamride confirmed for March launch366,4264.8
Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer playlists limited284,4974.7
GTA V DualShock 4 features revealed265,3354.6
Sony: “we’re not bulletproof” when it comes to PS4 network errors183,0324.5
Destiny: Voice chat beta hits next week, Iron Banner back soon172,9564.7
PSN goes offline for maintenance on Monday, November 17132,0274.7
GTA 5: Leaked video shows first-person gameplay in action5013,7354.6
GTA Online Heists coming with first PS4 update448,8024.5
Just Cause 3 officially announced for 2015 release314,3194.6
GTA Online: hosts can force new first-person view265,6084.6
Nearly 10 million Xbox One consoles shipped worldwide507,7304.6
YouTube “Music Key” Subscription Service Launches In Beta Next Week3410,5954.6
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts EA Sports UFC, Fallout games245,2924.6
GTA V PS4 and Xbox One to receive day one patch275,8694.6
Destiny To Go Offline ‘For Several Hours’ On November 13163,7514.7
Halo 5: Guardians Beta Is 720p, 60fps255,6704.8
Halo Master Chief Collection Matchmaking Fixes a “Top Priority” at 343336,4044.6
PlayStation 4 firms up with 2.02 system update, available now182,5964.6
You can now pre-order and pre-download GTA 5 on Xbox One244,6354.7
First Call of Duty Advanced Warfare patch released328,5934.8
Grand Theft Auto 5 Launches Again Next Week, Watch The New Trailer275,4254.6
GTA Online Heists coming to all platforms “soon” says Rockstar7710,4214.4
SH gives update on the status of Advanced Warfare’s dedicated servers276,9754.5
Bungie gifts Destiny player recovering from brain surgery Exotic rifle338,3684.6
CoD Advanced Warfare patch to include bug fixes, connectivity issues315,9684.6
GTA San Andreas patch on Steam removes songs and 'breaks save files'259,6054.6
Tony Hawk working on a new console game243,1934.8
Xbox One November update detailed, 'rolling out' now427,8614.6
Master Chief collects 15GB Day One download, launch trailer387,9124.6
Far Cry 4 PC system requirements4918,5614.6
Microsoft completes acquisition of Minecraft studio285,6254.5
Grand Theft Auto V PS3 vs. PS4 comparison video438,6694.5
GTA 5: DualShock 4 light bar to flash red & blue during pursuits, more328,9754.6
Hundreds of features have been added to Xbox One in its first year224,2144.6
Xbox Live experiencing partial outage with services for the Xbox One427,6114.4
Grand Theft Auto V new-gen video shows off first-person mode447,9694.6
Activision exec says CoD Advanced Warfare can outsell Ghosts689,3624.6
PSA: Xbox One is now $50 cheaper until January 3203,0584.7
Destiny 2 development already underway, says Activision297,7854.4
PS4 update 2.01 'addresses Rest Mode issue'113,5964.6
CoD Advanced Warfare dev lists improvements being worked on265,3554.7
Monthly Xbox One updates 'to continue in 2015'336,1894.8
Destiny: The Dark Below DLC Will Offer Free Updates For Non Buyers Too204,2204.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare scales up to 1080p on Xbox One314,9184.6
PlayStation Plus subscriber count adds up to 7.9 million182,3234.6
GameStop announces Zombies returning in Advanced Warfare DLC6611,3164.8
Day Zero Double XP for Advanced Warfare is now LIVE377,7294.3

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