The Tech Game: May 2012

RedLynx to release Trials Evolution title update tomorrow, MP leaderboards reset557,8604.7
Xbox 360 has generated more than $56 billion in retail556,9924.6
Master Chief called in to resolve Syria, reports BBC4610,5194.6
Infinity Ward hiring for 'unannounced next-gen title'547,4614.7
Leaked HALO 4 Pre-Release Build Pics?6720,3294.7
Infinity Ward has received $493 million from Activision437,9174.6
Minecraft beats Black Ops on Xbox Live's most played list9319,8784.5
Adventure Update components coming to Minecraft XBLA, eventually4916,2974.8
Black Ops 2 Engine Upgrades Include "More Destruction", "Better Lighting"12334,5624.3
Steam enables remote downloads from web or mobile416,7644.6
EA and Activision settle in Call of Duty lawsuit2023,8714.7
Here's the first Forza Horizon screenshot1619,9034.7
Call Of Duty Devs Planned 'Halo Beater', Took It To EA - Activision5325,5854.1
Halo 4 Limited Edition includes multiplayer map DLC, videos3023,2834.6
Halo 4's 'Infinity' multiplayer to introduce Spartan Ops, War Games1719,8514.7
Respawn Entertainment's big reveal won't be at E3617,0344.6
Will Microsoft call the next Xbox "Xbox 8"?3425,8674.6
Halo 4 cover art released, new enemy types revealed4026,5604.7
'FIFA 13' introduces First Touch Control features this fall1210,2464.6
PS3 getting BBC Sport TV app45,6644.5
Rumor: EA to reveal COD Elite-like service for Battlefield 3 at E3138,5254.2
Activision pays $42 million to Infinity Ward Employee Group145,5814.7
Black Ops 2: New engine isn't necessary - Treyarch7015,6574.3
Minecraft XBLA sells a million copies156,3284.6
Nintendo predicts combined Wii U and Wii sales of 10.5 million by March 31, 201335,6234.7
Report: Blockbuster UK lists 25 Wii U titles35,6024.8
Sega earnings down in fiscal 2011, Mario & Sonic sell 3 million14,6554.7
Uncharted 3 Patch 1.11 brings back Elimination Mode, 'The Lab'14,9914.8
Sniper Elite V2 maintains elevated UK position for second week04,8224.7
Sony's PS3 mistakes helped Xbox 360 succeed3813,8314.6
Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend Event for PC Delayed Until May 26th36,2084.5
MW3 Prestige Levels 16-20 to Be Added to Xbox 360 on May 15th, PS3 in June4114,7374.3
Study: Xbox 360 most popular non-PC device for watching video ads52,6944.7
Sony shares drop to 31-year low in Japan, 19-year low in US45,2904.7
Ex-IGNer Tina Palacios replacing Bowling as Infinity Ward community manager9317,6543.9
Report: GameStop to start selling Steam vouchers next week46,8604.7
1.8 million Vitas getting covered in fingerprints worldwide25,7634.6
Rumor: Kinect-enabled Internet Explorer browser coming to Xbox 360418,9484.5
Surprise: XBLA Minecraft's split-screen multiplayer requires HDTV177,4134.4
Modern Warfare 3 getting free 'Face Off' mode, non-free Content Collection 22612,3964.5
Minecraft XBLA was profitable within an hour, broke digital sale records207,5594.6
Modern Warfare 3 PS3 bundle deploys on May 2513,2644.3
Call of Duty Elite reaches 10 million users, 2 million paid subscriptions215,3694.3
Sony E3 press conference will not be televised (but it will be streamed)12,8214.6
Angry Birds franchise gets over 1 billion downloads46,3154.7
Report: Microsoft to announce Kinect exercise tracking at E383,4274.6
55,000 Twitter accounts hacked, passwords revealed27,1804.8
Call of duty Black Ops 2: 2025 setting violates IW contract — report7820,0694.2
Anonymous attacks Virgin Media website in response to Pirate Bay block117,7944.8
Need for Speed and Dead Space titles coming by March 2013205,2484.5
Modern Warfare 3 on PS3 gets 'Sanctuary' and 'Foundation' maps this Thursday02,6534.7
Analysts: Black Ops 2 won't break records, new console hardware is needed3913,4244.5
Microsoft to focus on services, not games, at E3124,9754.6
Kinect-like interface uses speaker+mic to detect gestures22,7854.6
Anonymous targets Activision CEO after Call of Duty insult10328,7644.8
Is Microsoft already making dev kits for the next Xbox?248,8624.7
FBI asking Microsoft and others to make products wiretap-friendly136,7934.6
The Pirate Bay: Big jump in traffic following UK ISP ban54,5654.7
The Elder Scrolls Online being developed by ZeniMax Online23,5124.7
Red PS3 lands on Australian shores at the end of May22,6744.7
Amazon: Black Ops 2 day one pre-orders higher than Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3134,7744.8
Draw Something wants you to draw ads with latest update02,6164.6
Microsoft's E3 presser to stream through Xbox Live, Spike TV33,6834.7
Miyamoto equates Vita's bumpy start with that of the 3DS02,3174.6
'Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition' rated in UK32,1754.7
Black Ops 2: A New Beginning, Or The Beginning Of The End?12223,8154.5
Save your Pokémon game files before it’s too late1024,2984.6
Finally, a Shark With a Laser53,9524.6
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Reveal Trailer what do you think?22035,4423.9
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: What we know thus far9020,8264.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Available to Pre-Order Today for November 13 Release3615,7074.8

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