Save your Pokémon game files before it’s too late

Pokémon fans around the world were devastated to find out that all of their Gameboy cartridges would soon be wiped clean of their save games, but discoveries have shown that it’s not too late.

The original fear of losing your data came from the way files are saved on various Gameboy cartridges. Inside every game there is a small battery that kept them powered at all times, as this was the easiest way to store files when the GB, GBC and GBA were released (if you have the Pokémon Crystal or other transparent titles, you can see the flat disc-like battery). What is commonly known is that these batteries last for about 15 years and seeing that Pokémon was launched in North America in September 1998, fans believed the clock was ticking.

A new tutorial by Nintendo handyman Adr990 however shows that there is a simple way to replace cartridge batteries without losing your saves. Adr himself claims its so easy that he’s “actually surprised no one tried this before”.

“As a game cart with a dead battery still does save your game as long as it is in your console playing, it means that the SRAM is powered. The SRAM keeps your data, and has to be powered all the time to keep the data,” the youtuber explains. “So, as the console powers the SRAM, you can just get the battery, and replace it while it’s on! Just make sure the battery is in there securely before you power off the console. Then take the game out for a few seconds, and plug it back in the console.”

Depending on what battery you use, the replacement should hold for up to another 10-20 years. Adr recommends a 2032 4v Coin Cell Battery.

Seeing how many cartridge based titles have batteries for storing user data, gamers everywhere should be sure to maintain their collections. Especially when thinking of a series like Pokémon, it can’t go unsaid that even in our current generation communities across the globe continue to treasure these old school classics.




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I had no idea Game boy games had small batteries, well i have Pokemon yellow version i assume its either dead or it doesn't work at all anymore.


Okay so here's an idea..

TTG posts on it's homepage...make that every page, every decade and warns people about the possible loss of Pokemon saves if batteries are not changed.

I think they call that a public service. Make it so powers that control TTG...make it so.


I've got a few Pokemon games lying around somewhere, but haven't played them for over a decade. Don't plan on starting again because batteries are suddenly dying :o
However, I can see this comes in handy to those who want to save their saved games.


I don't play pokemon anymore nor do i own one but i did play red blue and yellow and this is interesting because i never knew about the batterys i was to young but thats cool learn something new everyday :)


I'm not losing my level 100 pokemon.


How long do the batteries last in a GBA game like firered? i'd love to know for my save files sake!


Axe I never really played pokemon much, so this doesn't really effect me.

So why are you posting?

BTW Pokemon Gold FTW! Best 1! XD


usually there are 40 comments before I post... as Peter Griffin would say: "WHO THE HELL CARES". Just kidding I'm sure there is more then COD players here right... Right?


This problem with dead save batteries has been known for many years. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal have always been the worst as those games have internal clocks. (For all the time based events) This causes them to die much quicker. The save battery mentioned that should be replaced is also wrong. The correct battery for Gold/Silver/Crystal is a CR2025 3V battery. The one mentioned might work, but why would you use the wrong battery when it's so easy to find the correct one?

Honestly, this article was probably posted because the youtuber wanted a promotion. He paid TheTechGame to mention him.


I never really played pokemon much, so this doesn't really effect me.

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