The Tech Game: January 2011

BlackOps: First Strike (Multiplayer Maps-Leaked)125,2564.6
Leaked: Call of duty: Black ops Ascension Gameplay4210,6994.7
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Ascension Zombies Gameplay166,9204.6
Kinect Hacks: Doodle Synthesizer134,1284.7
Ascension Zombie Map Brings New Achievements269,9394.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Inside Xbox First Strike Preview103,4204.8
Next Gen Portable reveals third party support33,6474.7
PS3 firmware v3.56 proving troublesome for hackers53,3944.5
DSiWare Hack released?56,2444.5
Sony wins battle against Geohot and PS3 hackers, TRO granted166,1813.8
PS3 System Software Update 3.56.. it only blocks homebrew!134,9814.5
Crytek 'working to resolve' Crysis 2 multiplayer demo issues328,0654.6
Fail: no xbox live party chat on ps3 black ops8517,3854.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike - Ascension footage348,1584.5
UK Consumer Group set sights on Black Ops’ “unfinished” PS3/PC versions54,0204.6
Codemasters: It's true, PSP2 is as powerful as the PS3164,8514.8
Kinect hack: Minecraft statues (now with animation!)3318,1244.7
PSP hacking just reached a whole new level with Half-Byte Loader206,1014.3
Internal Electronic Arts Memo: Modern Warfare DLC Intentionally Delayed165,1454.6
Rumor: Infinity Ward making MW3 with Sledgehammer, Raven4012,8134.5
New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Targets Modders5414,7874.1
Treyarch made Modern Warfare to6012,9103.8
Treyarch Community Manager Reaffirms Committment to PS3114,7604.6
Rumor: Playstation 3 has hidden serial number protection?54,3594.4
Ascension Black Ops Zombie Map Gets New Weapons, Perks and Enemies3418,9864.8
Activision 'threatens' to shut down Black Ops PSN servers4812,6164.4
Xbox Live Dashboard update incoming5514,2834.5
Black Ops DLC to strike first on Xbox 360 in February285,5264.6
Microsoft: We expected Kinect to be hacked, but not that quick!195,9034.3
PS3 exploit leads to extreme Gran Turismo 5 hacking56,6614.4
IW admit MW2 and CoD hacks but blame PS3's lack of security2610,0654.6
Sledgehammer on “next Call of Duty”6513,1554
LOL: Sony publish PS3 hack keys in law suit96,2834.7
Sony sent Geohot $1 to prove he was profiting from PS3 hacking?257,6654.7
Sony leaves the PSP master keys within the PS3, hackers pounce64,1794.5
Sony can't fix PS3 hack, will have to release new hardware hackers claim75,3904.5
Geohot: I'm scared Sony might sue me over PS3 hack95,5004.4
First PS3 'custom firmware' working, doesn't allow piracy23,6894.5
Sony offers comment on PS3 hack issue22,7504.4
Possible PS Phone specs revealed, long, confusing words to follow32,6604.6
Sony in denial, claim they will fix PS3 hack through firmware updates32,8304.7
Sony begins legal action against PS3 hackers22,1284.6
Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Screenshots5715,7644.3
More 3DS images show inner workings12,4294.7
Report: Sony could remotely disable jailbroken PS3s32,4044.7
Sony will find it really dificult to prevent PS3 game patching42,1804.6
Select Activision content on sale on XBLM until Jan 17113,4574.6
Battlefield 3 to be unveiled at GDC 2011 next month102,5344.7
Kinect hacked for FPS fun on games like Doom and Modern Warfare188,7614.7
Geohot Sued by Sony over Root Key Leak64,0854.7
Call of duty Black Ops - First Ever Instant 15th Prestige and CoD Pt Mod!6219,0254.3
Modern Warfare 2 10th Prestige/Unlock all lobby back online hosting now2427,6734.3
MS like Kinect hacks, say they're cool plus Kinect PC compatibility?84,3214.6
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Prequel64,1214.7
Microsoft: Kinect isn't breaking Xbox 360's, It's just a coincidence23,5294.6
Uh oh! Kinect causing Xbox 360 discs to scratch?358,4694.4
PlayStation 3 DRM Falls – Root Key Found73,9124.7
Dude steals 3DS from Chinese assembly line, uploads pictures and video to intern165,2764.7
LOL: Xbox 360 quite literally becomes toast8016,5904.8

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