The Tech Game: September 2009

Infinity Ward has no plans for pre-launch Modern Warfare 2 demo92,2594.5
Microsoft says Halo 3: ODST disc read errors aren't 'widespread'54,4204.7
Septagon Xbox 360 case mod keeps it clean, simple53,8434.6
One helluva stunt: Trials HD sells 300K on XBLA31,8344.7
Halo 3: ODST logs over 900K players in one day41,8424.8
Sony attacks BBC Watchdog's PS3 hardware failure report32,4774.7
$399 Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 250GB HDD, wireless controllers, game133,6154.7
Xbox 360 is statistically least reliable console72,6134.6
Impressive: Soda Box Mario At Gas Station54,0374.5
Woops: Cops Called For Halo Sniper Rifle215,7374.6
Cowboy Stadium's Big Black Screen Of Fail73,1914.6
PAX 2009 pulled in 60,750 attendees11,5534.7
Iggy Pop joins Lego Rock Band, his shirt does not22,2294.8
Nice Kicks, Brah: Custom Super Mario Shoes22,6794.6
PSA: Swine flu cases confirmed at PAX51,9874.6
PS3 Slim's first-week UK sales around 40,00042,5144.5
Wallace and Gromit no-show on XBLM31,6934.6
This Wednesday: Wallace and Gromit, Sonic and Knuckles rush XBLA22,0854.7
Inside Xbox - Tour of Treyarch Studios32,9784.4
How To Rob An Apple Store In 31 Seconds94,2814.6
Looks Breakable: New PS4 Concept Art73,7894.6
Ben Heck swaps 360 D-pad with buttons, world implodes51,9714.6
Xbox 360 version of GTA IV patched to prevent cheating31,9504.6
Halo RC vehicles aren't just for Avatars anymore42,9894.7
New Modern Warfare 2 footage captures the life of a flag runner133,6694.7
XBOX 360 Upcoming Titles - September 2009 - New Releases52,6914.6

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