New Modern Warfare 2 footage captures the life of a flag runner


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finally host migration, and throwing knifes tops it off, looks like the game is going to be epic, to bad im going to miss like 8 to 10 hrs of the release date since i will be in school :(


I believe this is going to be a ground breaking First Person Shooter. Everybody that makes a FPS game will be looking at this one for there influence. Even though CoD 4 is amazing game they are still finding a way to more than just improve it.


[email protected]!!! it looks so sick!! i so cant wait till november


dunno how to edit here just seen a Extended mag on one of the guns he hovers over =]


air drop ,predator missles :o MP5k hmm funn


yo mod 2 looks amazingly crazy that guy in that vid was pwnin haha gamertag me>>> oilslickTHE2


Boom! headshot! lol :)

the predetor missile sounds so cool it is unreal!

i hope when this is released, it will be so good (which it will be :) ) that treyarch might not make anothe cod game....lets hope so


host migration and a throwing knife sick =)


game looks great but the riot shield is stupid. love the thing at the bottom when you kill people it tells you who you killed and what gun they have. sick i cant wait to play. i took the whole week off of work to play


The only words to describe it are intensly incredible.

I can't wait to have knife fights. Mike meyers is going to be a lot easier if you can throw your knife at them.

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