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Today, Microsoft announced that the Fall Update (or Fall Creators Update on Windows) is available for the Xbox One family of gaming consoles. As with all feature updates, it contains quite a bit. One of the big features is a redesigned Dashboard. You'll find Fluent Design elements throughout the OS, and on the home screen, you can add new content blocks. These allow you to give games, friends, more
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A new trailer was revealed for Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: WWII, really playing to last-generation nostalgia. The trailer is sure to make you want to gather your World at War squad again to relive those amazing moments from the game on Xbox Live, PSN, or on Steam. The whole trailer seems to celebrate the fact that Call of Duty is finally going back to boots on the ground, World War 2 more
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The next DLC character to be announced for the Street Fighter V lineup is none other than Zeku - and he's the last one up for additional fighters for season two. The big reveal, and new look at him in action via a new trailer, came courtesy of the South East Asia Major Fighting Event. It shouldn't be a huge surprise that Zeku has been announced as the final character to join the roster - fans more
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Rockstar is bringing a Mario Kart/Sonic All Stars inspired racing game mode to its ever growing GTA Online, called Transform Races. As we have discussed previously, Transform Races include the player racing through the air, sea, and land in wacky settings. The races will also have warps to teleport participating players to completely different parts of the map mid-race, to add to the more
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Paradox Interactive announced the coming of the Swofall expansion for the console versions of their popular city building game Cities: Skylines. The weather focused add-on Snowfall will be available next month for PS4 and Xbox One. Cities: Skylines‘ new expansion will offer console players new ways to construct their perfect towns. Snowfall will include special maps and other winter-themed more
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Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new trailer for its upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ, featuring the half-Saiyan, Gohan. The video below showcases his Kamehameha as he combats the series’ power villain, Cell. Also featured is the incredible 2.5D graphics faithfully recreating the animation style from the popular anime. This is just one of many trailers featuring the more
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Sony Interactive Entertainment and Activision released a trailer featuring Call of Duty: WWII and the limited edition PS4 releasing with the game. The trailer gives a quick look at the bundle, and then moves on to scenes from the game, from the landings of the D-Day to what appears to be the battle of the Bulge. Of course, also get the usual “Greatness awaits” slogan, as we give another more
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Back at Microsoft’s Gamescom live show in August, Frontier Developments announced Jurassic World Evolution with a neat cinematic trailer. Today, it’s time to see gameplay. The trailer actually debuted yesterday at Frontier Expo 2017, but it was published on the game’s official channel today. It shows the first in-game footage, and exactly what you would expect, a lot of dinosaurs more
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The PS4 got its latest firmware update today, update 5.00. Unlike previous full version firmware updates, this one sadly does not actually add many new features or changes to the PS4 OS. What it does bring to the table are smaller refinements- and these smaller refinements are what Sony is highlighting in a series of new videos highlighting its new features. This includes 1080p and 60fps more
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As if this year wasn’t full of enough top-notch releases already, DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be coming in November and promises far more content than its predecessor. That promise will carry over into the beta which begins this week and will apparently be EA’s biggest till date. Check out the trailer below for a short taste of what’s in store. If you pre-ordered the game, more
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