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A new Resident Evil Village gameplay video has revealed how the game’s upgrade systems work. The Game Informer video below shows how players can hunt animals to obtain ingredients such as fish, meat and poultry that can be combined to cook permanent upgrades for Ethan Winters in The Duke’s Kitchen, such as reducing damage taken when guarding. Some larger animals like boars and rams will more
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The huge Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft revealed earlier this year has been partially delayed. Developer Mojang says the 1.17 update to the sandbox game will now arrive in two parts, with the first arriving this summer as originally planned, and the second being pushed back to the holiday season. Mojang says it decided to split the update in two to ensure quality, manage technical more
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The final free update of the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass is coming next week. This patch has been greatly anticipated, especially because it’s going to be doing a much-needed pass on many Civ 6 civilisations by tweaking the abilities of the Civ 6 leaders and the civs themselves. When we looked into which civs the Civ 6 community wanted to see fixed, there wasn’t a lot of consensus, although more
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Developer Easy Day Studios has rolled out a multiplayer mode for its skateboarding simulator Skater XL. The mode, which is in beta, is only available on Steam, though Easy Day confirmed the feature will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon. The free multiplayer mode lets up to 10 players hop into a server to skate together. Players can create group lines to save and watch later as replays, more
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2K got the hype train moving when they revealed that the first look at the next WWE 2K game would be seen at WrestleMania 37, and they delivered what they promised. During the loaded Night 1 card we got our first look at a trailer for the game, which focused on Rey Mysterio and Cesaro throwing down in the ring. The trailer zooms in close to Mysterio to show off the improved graphics, and then we more
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A look at Age of Empires 4 gameplay was shown off today by Relic during a presentation. Age of Empires 4 is coming later this year in the fall to PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC and through Steam. A closed beta is also on the way. A virtual village is also available to view through the Age of Empires website. During the presentation, one of the four historical campaigns available was shown, more
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As exciting as all of the Age of Empires 4 news has been, there was plenty of love given to the definitive editions as well. Age of Empires II continues to be a behemoth of an RTS game, and is easily the most popular out of the series’ legacy offerings. It’s no wonder then that this year will see more new content coming to the beloved strategy game, as World’s Edge announced two key more
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now up to its sixth season, delivering a host of fresh content to the compilation of classic Halo games across Xbox consoles and PC. Perhaps the most interesting addition of Season 6 Raven - celebrating the ODST Fireteam Raven - is the new Waterfall map. Incoming after its testing session in recent Insider flights, Waterfall is a Halo Online map that is now more
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We’ve got a fresh batch of footage from the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition which showcases the new visuals, gameplay adjustments, and character creator. This latest video comes from IGN, and it offers over 11 minutes of new footage which highlights the major changes that have been made to all three Mass Effect games. It’s fair to say that the lion’s share of the changes have come more
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Capcom's Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Spring Update revealed when fans can expect to see Rose added as the game's latest DLC fighter. The character will appear on April 19th! Rose marks the second DLC fighter to arrive in Season 5, following the release of Dan earlier this year. Season 5 will feature five new characters in total, including Oro and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools. The final more
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