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Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently in the midst of its second season of DLC fighters, and now fans have gotten a fresh look at the newest addition to the roster: Kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT. While fans may be divisive as to whether or not another Goku addition is a good idea, that may be alleviated by the fact that one of his super attacks transforms him into the fan-favorite Super Saiyan 4 more
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Minecraft is getting a big new update in the form of Villages and Pillages. The update is live now on PC and is coming to consoles later this year. Mojang is calling Village & Pillage “Minecraft’s most adventurous update yet”. The official trailer they revealed today certainly makes it look appropriately epic. See for yourself below and make sure to soak in that funky music:
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For Honor’s newest Hero has been unveiled to be the Sakura warrior, a ghostly member of the Samurai faction. Scheduled to be released alongside the launch of the game’s second season of Year 3 which begins on May 2nd, the fighter is officially referred to as the Hitokiri and will come in both male and female versions, each of which has a unique name. A cinematic trailer above released on more
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A chill is in the air as NetherRealm reveals Frost's gameplay trailer. Mortal Kombat 11 just got a little colder. In the final Kombat Kast ahead of tomorrow’s Mortal Kombat 11 launch, NetherRealm Studios has revealed Frost. Sub-Zero’s former protege has a new, robotic look and a stunning arsenal of moves that can make quick work of enemies. Check her out below.
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Get one final look at Days Gone before it hits your PS4 later this week. In a busy week of releases here at the end of April, Sony’s latest first-party title Days Gone is perhaps the most intriguing new title to hit the market. First announced back at E3 2016, the wait to get to the release date of Days Gone has taken a while, but that wait is now nearly over. To make the final stretch more
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In less than a month, id Software and Avalanche Studios’ RAGE 2 will be out, and to build up the excitement surrounding the release, the developers have been putting out gameplay videos for the game- which is what we have here as well. Courtesy of YouTuber DraQu, below is a gameplay video of RAGE 2 containing over 17 minutes of footage. There’s a lot to look at here. The game’s vibrant more
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Mortal Kombat 11’s release is just a day away now with the game scheduled to release on April 23rd, and it’s on that day when everyone will be able to pull off their favorite fighters’ most brutal Fatalities. Considering how every fighter has two different finishing moves and the roster is already stacked with characters, it can take some time to see them all. Thankfully, GameSpot has you more
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God of War: Raising Kratos is a documentary from Sony Santa Monica that shows what went into making God of War. It has been one year since 2018’s Game of the-Year God of War graced our screens. Now, Sony Santa Monica has dropped a new trailer featuring our favorite god for a documentary titled Raising Kratos. Will follow game director Cory Barlog, Santa Monica Studio’s team, and the more
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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Mortal Kombat 11 one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year, and with just a few days to go till its launch, the excitement surrounding it is reaching a fever pitch. To crank that excitement up even more, NetherRealm Studios have released a launch trailer for the game, which is about as bloody brilliant as you’d expect it to be. Best of more
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Today, Bandai Namco revealed the first look at its second DLC character, All Might of My Hero Academia fame. That said, while Bandai Namco has provided the character's first trailer -- which shows of All Might's combat style and more -- it has not said when the character will drop beyond sometime in May alongside the previously announced Seito Kaiba and one other character who hasn't been more
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