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Today during the PlayStation Experience opening presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bandai Namco showcased a new gameplay trailer of SoulCalibur VI The game was announced yesterday at The Game Awards, and it will come for PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam) in 2018. We also know who will be at the helm of the new game, and it’ll be Tekken 7 Producer Motohiro Okubo. The trailer more
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With Fallout 4 VR‘s release date right around the corner, yesterday developer Bethesda Game Studios unveiled a new video as well as the PC requirements for the upcoming virtual reality game. The less than six-minute long video features Fallout 4 VR‘s Lead Producer Andrew Scharf and Community Manager Jess Finster, and the duo is shown throughout the video provides a walkthrough of the early more
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Ubisoft’s post launch support for Ghost Recon Wildlands has been wonderful; the game found its success on the back of its fantastic multiplayer, and Ubisoft has only added to it since. And next weekend, Ubisoft will release the second update for the game’s new PvP mode, Ghost Wars, which was added to the game recently in an update. The new, upcoming update is called Jungle Storm, and it more
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Rare teased it last week, and today they finally announced the release date of their upcoming shared-world adventure game Sea of Thieves. The game will launch for Xbox One and PC on March 20th, 2018 We also get a new trailer, showcasing more of the game’s lovely visuals, lots of naval combat, customization, players being fired off cannons, glorious seas and more. The video also shows more
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After making a rather boisterous introduction during The Game Awards, Josef Fares revealed a new trailer for his and Hazelight Studios’ upcoming co-op game A Way Out. The new trailer is similar to the one that first revealed A Way Out earlier this year at EA Play in Los Angeles. We see how the main characters of the game, Vincent and Leo, interact with one another while also getting a look more
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4A Games and Deep Silver announced Metro Exodus back during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, and I personally found it to be one of the highlights of that presentation. The game seems to be moving the series forward by having more open levels and letting players explore the surface of post-nuclear Russia. That being said, little has been heard about the title since its initial reveal at E3. more
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Since it debuted on Steam Early Access back in March, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has dominated the conversation with over 20 million players so far, and now players finally have a new glimpse at what’s in store for the massively popular battle royale shooter. During tonight’s broadcast of The Game Awards, the first gameplay video of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ upcoming new more
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With “battle royale” games being all the rage in the past year, Fortnite: Battle Royale is upping the ante and giving players of the popular free-to-play standalone game a new mode to jump into starting tonight. During tonight’s broadcast of The Game Awards, a new trailer debuted for Fornite: Battle Royale revealing the game’s brand new 50v50 mode that will let players take on another more
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Well, that was something. Hideo Kojima is a genius, this has never once been in doubt. However, until now, his genius has always been constrained. No more- Kojima is well and truly unbridled now, and we get to see it with Death Stranding, the first game he is making since his acrimonious split with Konami. We got to see it in depth tonight at The Game Awards, in a seven minute long video. more
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You know what the one thing we really lack is? It’s zombie games. There is a distinct shortage of zombie games on the market. It’s not like we are getting Days Gone, Dead Rising, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, and so on all coming out these days. No, we need more zombie games. If that’s your take on things, the good news is, The Game Awards just had its first announcement for a new game, more
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