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Capcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, and it provides the best look yet at the new version of the iconic, terrifying antagonist Nemesis. While much of what was in the design from the original video game, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, remains, the character has seen a fairly significant upgrade, and in addition to a new nose, it seems to sport more deadly more
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A new Doom Eternal trailer dropped today, giving us another look at the eagerly anticipated shooter from id Software and Bethesda Softworks. It looks more polished than previous footage we’ve seen, and the delay seems to have given id the chance to make this game something special. In the trailer, we see the Earth dominated by a demonic portal. Radio chatter indicates that billions of humans more
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A new Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot trailer was released on Wednesday just days before the game releases with this latest video focusing on Vegeta. The Saiyan prince who came to Earth in search of a fight with Goku later became a reluctant friend of Earth’s warriors to side with them in future battles, and he’s got one of the most dynamic arcs in all of Dragon Ball Z. True to Vegeta’s story more
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League of Legends developer Riot Games announced a number of new projects last year including competitive FPS Project A and fighting game Project L. Digital CCG Legends of Runeterra was also announced and made available in closed beta to select players. This month, the title will officially enter open beta on PC. The beta will start on January 24th at 11 AM PST. Those who pre-register their more
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The release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is now just over a week away with Bandai Namco showing off more about the game this week. Thursday’s trailer that’s seen below is all about Soul Emblems and how they’re used with the Community Board to aid in character progression. These Soul Emblems have been seen at times in past Kakarot videos, and they’ll be key parts of learning different skills more
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Players can level up in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PC, PS4 and Xbox One through cooking, obtaining collectibles, training and more! Late last week, Bandai Namco Entertainment continued to build up anticipation for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot by releasing an overview trailer that was presented under the guise of a class episode preview. Today, another trailer for the game was released. Even though more
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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PC, PS4 and Xbox One got a charming overview video just two weeks before its release. We are now only two weeks away from the release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the latest Dragon Ball Z game which recounts the show’s saga in an RPG format. In anticipation of its release, Bandai Namco Entertainment released an overview trailer, though it plays out in a charming way. more
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players have completed an in-game challenge that resulted in the release of the game’s latest cinematic. It features Miramar, one of several maps that’s playable in the game, and provides some backstory on the battleground to connect different parts of the PUBG world. The cinematic follows another video from 2019 that focused on Erangel, so perhaps we’ll more
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The latest Flight Simulator trailer shows off a different side of the game: snow tech. Microsoft has released a new trailer for Flight Simulator, the first in the new year. The game’s visuals continue to look stunning, and today, we get a glimpse at snow accumulation. Although Flight Simulator uses Bing and real-world data, everything in the world is still a 3D object, which means they more
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Kadokawa Games published a new gameplay trailer for Metal Max Xeno Reborn on PS4 and Switch, showing some tank battles and exploration. Kadokawa Games revealed the first full-length gameplay trailer for Metal Max Xeno Reborn on PS4 and Switch. The trailer shows some cool tank battles against giant monsters, along with some exploration on foot. Over on Twitter, Metal Max producer Juntaro more
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