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CD Projeck Red announced that Android users can now download and play Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on compatible devices starting today. While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was a hefty game in its own right with memorable side quests and an expansive main story, one of the most impressive features of the game was its mini-game Gwent. Beefy enough to be a game in its own right, the mini-game more
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The second episode of the making of series Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake reveals interesting details about Cloud and Tifa's relationship. Square Enix published today the second episode of the Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake making of, the series of videos explaining to fans how the Remake was developed through the words of its own core staff. This second episode focuses on the story and more
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Bandai Namco revealed new paid and free content will be coming soon to its tactical RPG, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. Looks like fans of last year’s Gundam tactical RPG, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays, have more content coming their way. In a press release this morning, Bandai Namco announced a new SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays expansion pack is available now on Steam! more
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be coming to PC on April 9th and a brand new story trailer dropped showcasing the powerful Alatreon. Capcom released an updated version of their Monster Hunter World: Iceborne “Update Roadmap,” which details what versions and in-game events will be coming to the game. The biggest news from the roadmap is the release date for the PC version, which is more
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The world sure is in quite a state right now with the global pandemic coronavirus, so it’s nice to get down and dirty with some old school racing fun. WRC 9 was just announced to once again put us in the seat of the FIA Motorsport series of the same name. And it’s going to be coming to next gen as well. You can see the announce trailer below as released via Xbox. Unfortunately, there more
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The next DLC for Cities: Skylines is called Sunset Harbor, and as the name suggests, it features a whole bunch of new aquatic features – but that’s just a fraction of what’s in the expansion. The meatier parts of the update include a host of additional transportation features to help you build a more robust mass transit system. Sunset Harbor comes to Steam (and consoles) on March 26 for more
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Play as Ellis and explore the Burkittsville woods with your dog Bullet in Blair Witch by Bloober Team, coming to Nintendo Switch Summer 2020. During Nintendo’s March 2020 Indie World showcase, Blair Witch by Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Blair Witch was the first game shown during the montage near the end of the showcase. While it wasn’t much to go more
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The first episode features interviews with various members of Remake's development team along with bits of new footage and the game's recomposed music. With Final Fantasy VII Remake less than a month away, Square Enix is offering an extensive look into the game’s creation with a multi-part video series. Dubbed “Inside FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE,” the first episode serves as an more
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505 Games and Remedy Entertainment just released a trailer for Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC. The expansion pack is due for March 26. The PlayStation Blog revealed some details along with the new trailer. Here is the official synopsis for the story of Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC:
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The Quick Resume feature of the Xbox Series X will support at least three games at any one time, according to Microsoft. A detailed report from Digital Foundry revealing the Xbox Series X specs notes that the Quick Resume feature supports at least three Xbox Series X games at any one time. Quick Resume is a feature that lets players jump back into a game within seconds, zipping through more
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