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It's Friday, which means there's no better day to release a Friday the 13th: The Game trailer, and that's exactly what the developers at Gun Media did. The game's Single Player challenges are scheduled to release soon, at no cost to everyone who already owns the game. The new video is less of a trailer and more of a walk through, though, with Community Lead Daniel Nixon leading viewers though the more
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Far Cry 5 is less than two months away, and everyone in the gaming community is gearing up to explore Hope Country, Montana. This includes publication IGN, who debuted a five-minute long video showcasing the variety of gameplay — especially when taking down an outpost. Seen below as part of the IGN First series, the video showcases three different ways to approach clearing out an outpost: a more
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Ubisoft has been on a slow-burn promotional kick leading up to Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege, and this newest season will feature an exciting new co-op game mode called Outbreak. Over the past few weeks we've been learning more about this survival mode and the enemies we will be facing, but it wasn't until today, in this new trailer, that we got to stare one of them in the face. In short, it's more
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Today Rare released a new trailer for the upcoming shared-world adventure game Sea of Thieves. The video, narrated by Design Director Mike Chapman, explains the lore behind the title, showing how the world was built to evoke a deep history created by pirates that came before the players. That being said, players have not missed the fun, as according to Chapman, the golden age of piracy has more
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A new horror game set after the Roswell Crash called The Peterson Case is coming to consoles and PC. Developed by Quarter Circle Games, The Peterson Case is a first-person game that takes place in 1947, just after and nearby the infamous Roswell UFO incident. A family has gone missing near the crash site, and as an experienced detective, it’s up to you to figure out what’s gone wrong in a more
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The first details of Operation Chimera and the Outbreak Event for Rainbow Six Siege have been provided by Ubisoft. Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 will start off with Operation: Chimera alongside the limited time event Outbreak on the TTS two weeks from now. Two new operators who are specialists in biohazard situations will arrive from France and Russia. Both are playable in adversarial more
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It seems like Activision is keeping to its tradition of producing live-action trailers for some of its biggest franchises, as the publisher has officially released just that for Call of Duty: WWII, but unlike the one that was released back when the game launched, it’s instead focused around the game’s first DLC, which is set to be titled The Resistance. The trailer, which you can, as more
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Today during a stage event at Taipei Game Show in Taiwan, Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer of Gundam Battle Operation 2. We get to see various scenes that you would expect from a typical Gundam anime series. Yet, this isn’t exactly your typical Gundam game, as it aims to be a semi-realistic Battlefield-like experience that mixes infantry with mobile suits on the same maps. Speaking of more
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Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming, and today we bring you something special, in the form of 26 minutes of gameplay of the Xbox One version of the game. The video that you’ll see below was recorded by DualShockers at a Koei Tecmo press event. It’s running on an Xbox One X, but unfortunately, it’s in 1080p, as we did not have a 4K capture card handy. That being said, we haven’t seen much of more
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During a press event in San Francisco, DualShockers was allowed to record a nice chunk of gameplay footage of the upcoming fighting game SoulCalibur VI. What’s even more interesting is that we tried out the new and returning characters that were revealed yesterday, including newcomer Grøh, and familiar faces Nightmare, Xianghua, and Kilik from the previous chapters of the series. As a more
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