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Forza Horizon 5 is hitting the roads later this year on Xbox and PC, and the developers at Playground Games have now shown off a lot more of the racing game as part of a livestream. The 30-minute broadcast below features creative director Mike Brown and associate art director Conar Cross showing off the different biomes of the game's setting, Mexico, and the new Emerald Circuit race. This is a more
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You wouldn’t expect, under ordinary circumstances, that a game based on a Hot Wheels licensed would look anything beyond ordinary, so it’s been quite surprising to see how good Milestone’s upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed looks. On top of just looking like a fun, well-made arcade racer, it also seems to be capturing the spirit of the license it’s based on in more ways than one. Milestone more
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Having launched earlier this week for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, Acid Nerve’s Death’s Door has racked up quite a bit of critical acclaim. To celebrate its positive reception, a new trailer has been released by publisher Devolver Digital. It highlights the praise while showcasing a mix of gameplay and cutscenes. Death’s Door is the story of a crow, except this one reaps the souls more
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The GRID series kind of, erm, fell off the grid for a while, but it bounced back with a soft reboot in 2019. Now, Codemasters is taking another stab at the sim-cade racer with GRID Legends. Just announced during EA Play Live, this new racing title's main feature is its live action story mode. Built using a technology called extended reality, the game's narrative will play out with real world more
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We already knew the virtual Metroidvania title from developer Phigames would be launching on PlayStation 5 at some point next month, but now we have an exact day to look forward to. Recompile will hit Sony's current-gen system on 19th August 2021, priced at £19.99/$24.99. A new trailer embedded above shows off the title's high-octane action along with bright visuals and an electro more
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After rumors and reports started circling a few weeks back which claimed Electronic Arts would be working on a new entry in the Dead Space series, the publisher today confirmed those reports were indeed factual. Specifically, EA revealed in its EA Play Live showcase today that Dead Space will be coming in the form of a remake that is being worked on by the team at EA Motive. This new iteration more
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The big Battlefield 2042 reveal from weeks ago showed off one game mode and promised two more, and during Electronic Arts’ EA Play Live event on Thursday, the publisher showed off another of the modes it has planned. That mode is called “Battlefield Portal,” and it’s the one that the Battlefield creators described as a “love letter to its fans.” It pulls content from several different more
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Back 4 Blood has debuted a new PC trailer showing off several platform-exclusive features. You can check out the new trailer for Back 4 Blood just below, which debuted earlier today on July 20. The trailer itself, which is specifically dedicated to the PC version of Warner's upcoming co-op shooter, reveals that Back 4 Blood will boast an uncapped frame rate when it launches later this year in more
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Ubisoft is expanding its FPS offerings with a new 6v6 free-to-play game that looks a lot like Tom Clancy's Call of Duty. It's called XDefiant, and it stars three factions seen in other Clancy games: The Echelon (Splinter Cell), the Wolves (Ghost Recon), the Cleaners (The Division), and the Outcasts (also The Division). Watch the introduction trailer above to get a better look at the factions, more
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A new story trailer for Psychonauts 2 has all the psychedelic madcap action you may expect from the long-awaited sequel, along with one thing you may not have expected: Raz's surprisingly large family. The trailer explains that it's Raz's first official day as a Psychonaut, and that the organization is facing a threat from a long-dormant enemy who may have compromised one of your allies. In more
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