Skate’s ‘The Board Room’ episode 5 details character customisation

Developer Full Circle has discussed how players will be able to customize their character’s wardrobe, body height, and shape and features “however they see fit”.

Players will also have full customisation control over their board, including custom “deck art, stickers, grip tape designs, wheel color, and more”.

“You’ll be able to unlock great new items for your character and board from the in-game store using both earned and premium currencies,” continues The Board Room blog post.

“We’re committed to making sure your time spent in San Vansterdam always feels valued and you’re able to earn great items whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not.”

The Board Room also detailed some of the brand partnerships that will be coming to the game. “From your local skate shops to the streets of San Van, we’re bringing some of your favorite brands into the game.

“If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably already spotted the likes of Vans, Girl, Chocolate, and Dime.” More authentic brands will be added to the game over time.

Skate was revealed in June 2020 in a surprise announcement which broke EA’s Twitter engagement record.

The free-to-play game is the debut title from Full Circle, a Vancouver-based EA studio headed up by former Xbox Live general manager Daniel McCulloch, who spent 15 years with Microsoft’s gaming business before departing in 2020.

Skate will support cross-play and cross-progression on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

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not interested in these skate boarding games

I only did the Tony hawks 1 & 2 for the auto-pop option fr LMAO


Never played any of these but loved all of the TH games