Sins of a Solar Empire 2 Coming to Steam This Summer

Despite how acclaimed Ironclad Games’ Sins of a Solar Empire is, you could be forgiven for not knowing about the existence of its sequel. Thankfully, publisher Stardock Entertainment has announced that Sins of a Solar Empire 2 is coming to Steam this Summer. Check out the latest trailer below.

Available for PC via the Epic Games Store since 2022, Sins of a Solar Empire 2 features three factions – Trader Emergency Coalition, the Vasari Empire and the Advent Unity, each with different units, starting conditions and Empire Systems. For example, Advent can “harness the collective will” of its pops to unlock the “full potential of the Unity’s global abilities.”

Meanwhile, the TEC can adjust allocations of traded resources, dramatically shifting their economy. The Vasari collect Phase Resonance from “strategically placed structures” for customizing “global phase mastery effects.”

Other new features include a new Influence system for allying with minor factions, an in-game browser for mods, planetary maps that dynamically change when orbiting them, 10-player multiplayer matches and much more. Stay tuned for more details on the Steam version in the coming months.

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yeah, just keep it on steam tbh

I'm not interested in these strategy space games or the like

maybe because I'm shit at them LMAO


Th see space games look so garbage it's crazy.