Earth Defense Force 6 Gets Western Release Date

D3 Publisher and Sandlot have announced the Earth Defense Force 6 Western release date on PS4 and PS5.

Earth Defense Force 6 release date
Earth Defense Force 6 will hit PS4, PS5, and PC in the West on July 25, 2024.

First released in Japan back in 2022, Earth Defense Force 6 continues the long-running sci-fi shooter series

The year is 2024 AD. Mankind has won the long battle against the unknown invaders. The enemy Primers are now gone and peace has returned to Mother Earth. However, the population has shrunk to 10% and the world was on the verge of collapse. The survivors fought against the remaining threats while trying their best to continue their recovery. Three years passed in the year 2027. In a new world without hope, the time has come to once again resist the fate of the Earth.

The identity of the invader that has long tormented Earth is finally revealed. A chain of deep despair that strikes in a devastated world for the first time in the series…But your presence as a soldier of the Earth Defense Force will lead humanity to the greatest joy. Now you must face it with courage and wisdom.

The largest number of missions and weapons ever included. All missions support online cooperative play for up to four players. Offline cooperative play is also available in split-screen mode. Take control of four different soldier classes and fight alongside real Earth Defense Force members from across the country.

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I can see this game doing extremely well when it's released in the West


Oh wow these graphics look almost like an Xbox 360 game lol